Acrylic Bird Cage: Your buddies safe house

For those looking for a unique bird enclosure that is also visually pleasing, an acrylic bird cage is the perfect option. Acrylic bird cage is also known as a Plexiglass bird cage. Owners also state that their birds are happier in these cages because they feel less trapped and are less likely to damage their wings. They’re much easier to clean, more soundproof, last longer, and are extremely difficult to scratch, making them safe for bird

When compared to a conventional bird cage, the price of an acrylic bird cage is slightly higher, indicating that you are paying a premium for the benefits of acrylic. However, many people think it’s worth it, and you won’t find a better form of “clear bird cage” anywhere else.
The main reason most people purchase an acrylic bird cage is that it allows you and your birds to see each other clearly. There are two key choices for doing this: glass or acrylic.

Comparison between Glass bird cages and Acrylic Bird Cages

Glass bird cages – This may seem to be a good choice at first glance. But further investigation reveals that it is not a viable option. The biggest issue with glass bird cages is that they are prone to cracking and shattering. This poses a safety danger for you and your birds, as well as increasing the chances of an escape. We should use glass only time it is correctly is in much larger glass aviaries, constructed with reinforced glass.
Acrylic bird cages– are the more common and cost-effective alternative. When dropped or struck, it is reasonably durable and does not break. Furthermore, since high-quality plexiglass is difficult to dent or scratch, you won’t have to worry about birds eating the stuff, making it bird-safe.

Advantages of acrylic bird cages

A. Clearer, better views:

Since there are no windows, an acrylic cage offers an unobstructed view for your birds that is more enticing and less jail-like.

B. Birds are happy and calm:

Many owners say that their birds are happier and calmer in acrylic cages. The birds feel less trapped when there are no bars in their vision, so it is safer for them mentally.

C. Less wing and feather damage:

As they hop about, some birds catch their wings and feathers between the bars of their bird cages. Some birds can look worn out and ragged as a result of this. Acrylic prevents these injuries and there is little for the birds to catch their feathers on.

D. Easy to clean (with the right technique):

While some acrylic cage owners claim that cleaning the corners of their cages is difficult, I have found that it is actually easier. It’s just a matter of using the right materials and strategies, and it’ll be a lot simpler. Consider this: which is easier to clean: a single wide panel or a series of smaller bars?

E.  Stuff that is safe for birds (non-toxic):

Acrylic cages are widely mistaken to be a form of bad “plastic” that leaves fumes or chemicals behind. Actually, after processing, there are no contaminants left on the surface of acrylic bird cages. If a bird happens to scratch off tiny bits of acrylic to chew on, the substance would most likely move through the bird.

F. Long-lasting :

High-quality acrylic is resistant to corrosion and can last for decades, comfortably outlasting the lifespan of most birds. It also does not discolor over time.

G. Kid-safe :

With an acrylic panel on the sides of your cage, a child won’t be able to stick their fingers through the holes, possibly harming both the bird and the child.

H.  Less noise:

Since acrylic cages are more like a physical barrier, sound is prevented from escaping the cages, there is a small reduction in noise when using them.

Things to look for in acrylic bird cages:

Circulation of Air – Limited air circulation is acrylic panels have a disadvantage. A decent acrylic cage, on the other hand, overcomes this problem by having a well-ventilated top or several holes in the cage’s edges. One benefit of the decreased air circulation is your birds would be better protected from any drafts in your house.

Number of wall mounts – Though most acrylic cages come with wall mounts, you might not have enough for your needs. If you want to do some simple DIY, acrylic can be easily drilled into. It will allow you to easily customize your cage and add additional features.

Perches and ladders – Without bars on the cage’s edges, your bird would have a tougher time climbing up and down. Some cages come with built-in perches or ladders, but if yours doesn’t, you can easily buy and mount your own.

Price – Since acrylic is a more unusual bird cage material, it is more expensive than standard cages, but there are still some inexpensive options available.

Hybrid acrylic cages – Some acrylic cages have standard bars or tubing on one or both sides. This helps you to combine two advantages of different types of cages while minimizing the disadvantages of both.

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