Are Round Cages Bad For Parakeets? Checkout this psychological fact

Well, as a parakeet owner this question can come to your mind are round cages bad for parakeet or not?. For a variety of reasons, most parakeet owners don’t suggest round cages for parakeets. First of all, this type of round cause quite dangerous and unhealthy for parakeets.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Cage

Before we clarify about round cages we have to know the reason to choose the right cages for parakeets. Okay, As we know cages are home for parakeets, they do play, eat, live, and sleep in cages, So it must have to be comfortable and healthy for parakeets.

An honest disadvantage of the round cage for parakeets

In making healthy and positive home spaces for parakeets, a round cage is not a good choice.

Lack of limited vertical spaces

As a parakeet owner, you must know they are very active birds, And they are loved to fly and climb most of the time. To a lack of vertical height and space, they cannot do natural behavior.

Bad shape for putting parakeet accessories into the round cage

Round cage-like curve shape that’s why you cannot hold the food bowl, or water bowl properly in the round cage. This will make a bad impact on them to feel comfortable in the cage.

Poor construction

When you going to buy a round cage for parakeets, you will notice the round cage are poor welding, and shoddy construction on them. Also, you cannot find a round cage with a stainless steel cage. When you think you buy a cage for parakeets then I will suggest you buy a stainless steel cage for the parakeet. Cause stainless steel cages are very durable and of good quality. This type of cage is extremely durable and it does not rust, Also the best home space for several years. So if you find this type of cage in the market then it will be a good choice for you and your parakeets.

Not easy to clean

Due to its round shape, it’s quite hard to maintain to clean. When you try to clean above the cage where the tight spaces and between the bars with cloth it is quite uneasy to clean. Also when a parakeet makes dust, food or other access can get trapped in the tight bars of a cage. But maximum square cages makes with a built-in slide-out grate as well as a slide-out substrate grate. Instated, Round shape cage not coming up this way. You have to separate the bottom part of the cage to clean it.

Not recommended by most parakeet owners

A percentage of people think, psychologically a round cage is not good for parakeets. After a long time they lock into the round cage they feel like they got trapped in the cage and they’re never getting anywhere. But square or angular cages feel comfortable, confident, safe, and secure. And you can make the best setup on a square/angular cage and it feel like them safe place.

How can you find the best cage for your parakeets?

Now you know the round cage is not the perfect choice for your parakeets. But the next question that can come to your mind is which cage can be good for your parakeets right?

Perfect for holding accessories

Parakeets will live there, so it must have been a big space that can hold feed bowls, water bowls, etc.

Parallel bars

Cage bars should be parallel, so parakeets can fly easily and there’s no chance to get stuck on their toes, beaks, or wings. And when it comes to parakeets i will suggest you keep 2 Horizontal bars that allow your parakeets to comfortably climb and explore their cage safely.

Minimum Bars Spacing

Parakeets will fly climb, so if the cage bars are too close then it will be harder to get climb to the bars and if its too distance between bars then they cannot get climb properly so you must have to note that.

Proper spaces

if you want to make a ready cage for one parakeet then you have to choose a cage that is twice as wide as your bird’s wingspan, And If you’re housing multiple birds, then you’ll need an even more spacious cage.

Last Thoughts about the round cage for parakeets

Now you know what to do for finding the perfect cage. As we know that finding the perfect cage is quite practical. And there are a lot of things to consider and it can feel entirely overwhelming. At least we can tell that a round cage is not gonna be eco-friendly and the perfect choice for a parakeet owner. Round cages are not only dangerous physically but also very impractical. So leave the round cage and invest in a high-quality square/Angular parakeet cage instead.