Bearded Dragon Harness | Why Its Needed | Is Harness Safe

Have you any idea about the bearded dragon’s harness? Do you want to take your bearded dragon out into the world yet keep them safe? A bearded dragon harness can assist in this endeavor. If you want to spend time with your bearded dragon outside of their terrarium or train them to walk outside, a bearded dragon collar can be useful. When people inquire if they can take their bearded dragon outside on a leash, the answer is not just yes, but it’s also the only way to do it.

Why do you need a bearded dragon harness and leash?

To begin with, having your bearded dragon utilize a collar and leash isn’t the sole reason to do so. This will be necessary on numerous occasions within. Keep bearded dragon from going into hiding. To do this you need a harness.


I’m invisible to you!

When bearded dragons are afraid, their immediate impulse is to flee and hide. There is a lot of furniture in our house that is simply too heavy to move. Some examples include our bed, a large desk in our workplace, and our sectional couch.

We’d have to sit and wait for our beardie to emerge if she decided to hide behind one of those objects. Even if we were able to move these enormous goods, we would risk injuring her by allowing her to slide under the object we were lifting.


Keep them away from hiding

If your bearded dragon is prone to hiding (and most are, one of the most often searched terms in our search box is “how to find my bearded dragon”), keeping him on a leash and harness indoors may be a smart idea. This will keep them safely contained and within your grasp.


Make sure they don’t jump too far.

A harness and leash are also useful for those of you with fearless/dumb bearded dragons. We may say so because our beloved little Bacardi falls neatly into this category. She may be brave and adorable at the same time. For this beard dragon harness, they can’t jump too far.

She lacks the foresight to avoid jumping off of objects that are too high. Tim, her father, is 6’6″ tall, and she has attempted to jump over his shoulder while he is standing on several occasions.

It’s the same if she’s crawling over the bed or on the back of the couch. She won’t even consider how far away the floor is before jumping. Even if you never take your beardie outside, a collar and leash are nearly a requirement if your beardie has this desire for death-defying leaps.


Bring them to the veterinarian.

For some beardies, going to the vet once a year will be the only time they leave the house. This can easily frighten them.

It’s a good idea to keep them in a harness and on a leash when taking them to the vet. This is true both on the way to the vet and during their appointment.

Taking the bearded dragon on a walk

You should gradually acclimate your bearded dragon to being outside for a better chance of success.

You can take him outside for brief periods of time once he is used to being in his harness. To avoid him becoming anxious, start by allowing him to go outside for only 5 to 10 minutes at a time.

While outside, move carefully and gently to avoid frightening him.

Instead of sitting on the floor, you might want to start by sitting on the ground and placing him on your lap. This allows him to become accustomed to his environment and absorb everything in while being reassured by you. Allow him to detach himself from you at his leisure.

If your bearded dragon appears agitated, bring him inside immediately and try again another day.


How do you create a bearded dragon harness?

Fold the paracord in half so that one end has a loop and the other has two loose ends. Stop around 4-6 inches from the loop end of the cord by passing the two layers of cord through pony beads or cord stops. At least 2-3 beads or stops should be spaced around 4-6 inches apart throughout the length of the cord.


Are beard dragon harnesses safe?

Most bearded dragons can be trained to tolerate and even like a harness and leash with time and care. This won’t work for every bearded dragon, but it will for many of them. Harnesses are only for adult beardies over 15 inches in length. Keep in mind that just because your beardie enjoys wearing a collar and leash doesn’t imply, you’ll be “walking” your bearded dragon. Bearded dragons don’t do things like that.


However, just because you aren’t “walking” doesn’t mean you can’t use them. As previously said, it is required equipment for taking your beardie outside. And for several good reasons!

The Beard dragon’s harness is so much useful for the dragon’s recreation.