Bearded Dragon Not Pooping | What to do?

Bearded Dragon is not pooping. What to do?

“Every exit is an entrance somewhere else” We all are aware of this line, but what if the exit is not working correctly? Here we will relate this example with our Bearded dragons. So, what if your Bearded Dragon is not pooping? How will you make them release their shit? Well, the answer is here!

Bearded dragons being omnivorous, eat both plants and meat. Sometimes they eat the thing which is not suitable to them. Or maybe they are suffering from dehydration, stress, coldness, and impaction, which leads them to difficulty pooping.

So, if your Bearded Dragon is not pooping, you have to figure out that exact reason ASAP to overcome the health risks.

This article will cover all essential things to know about bearded dragons’ poop and their solutions.

Why my Bearded Dragon is not pooping?

Before finding the solution, you have to find the exact reason for the problem. It means if you wonder that your Bearded Dragon is not pooping for some days, what could be the reason behind his defecation. 

And if you can figure out the real reason, you will be able to solve the issue ASAP.

Now we will highlight some related reasons related to bearded dragons not pooping 

1- Your Bearded Dragon is not getting the proper diet

 The Bearded Dragon’s diet depends on both plants and meats. But you can’t feed everything to your Pet. Before providing, You have to look at all the pros and cons of eating different types of food. Because a bad diet can lead to serious health problems concerns

For example, bearded baby dragon eats 75% meat and 25%/plant and opposite to it Adult bearded dragons eat 75% plants and 25% meat.

The point is that don’t exceed the limit of feeding. Take extra care while feeding your Pet.

One more thing doesn’t serve many insects because sometimes more insects can cause impaction, which is not suitable.

2- Bearded dragons are getting loose substrate in their diet

Substrates are hazardous enough for bearded dragons that they can cause even death to them. Yes, it is shocking news for owners.

Don’t use carpets and other stuff, which can create loose substrate. Sometimes, while eating in a hurry, they eat substrate with food. That is why it is better to place reptile carpets, paper towels, or newspapers in bearded dragons, Baskin.

It will lower their chances of getting encounters with substrate and other tiny particles.

3-Insufficient light in Bearded Dragon’s basking

As Bearded dragons belong to Australian deserts, they demand high light for survival. To produce vitamin D, they required UVB.

Because of their cold-blooded body, bearded dragons need extra heat to keep their body temperature regular.

Due to improper light, their digestion slows down, so they can face difficulty while pooping.

Arrange good light on an early basis.

4-Parasite attack

Sometimes, while eating food, some parasites get into the stomach of bearded dragons. These parasites are occasionally present in their insect body or on veggies. After getting into their stomach, these parasites become vulnerable for the survival of Bearded Dragons. Due to which their stomach gets disturbed and becomes unable to release defecate due to improper digestion.

5-New Habitat

As you bring a new Bearded Dragon to your home, you notice that your Pet behaves like a shy one. It is because they need some time to get an addiction to a new place. Due to their new home, Bearded Dragons refuse to eat food, and because of less or no food, they cannot poop properly.

How often should a bearded dragon poop? 

 Bearded dragons of different ages have different poop schedule

Baby bearded dragons who are three months old or younger must poop once a day to 3 times a day gradually.

Because of their growing age, baby Bearded Dragons eat more often; that is why their pooping timing is more potent than young and adult Bearded dragons.

Young Bearded Dragons of age 4-18 months old poop lesser than baby beardies. Young ones poop on every alternate day. And with their growing age, their frequency is lesser, ranging from one or two poop per week.

Adult Bearded Dragon’s pooping schedule depends on various factors. Like diet, inadequate temperature and UVA effects their poop frequency.

With adequate light, they can poop 1-7 times per week

But if they are eating crickets in their diet, they will poop 1-3 times per week, and with daily consumption of silkworms, daily poop is possible

How long can a Bearded Dragon go without poop?

As discussed earlier, bearded dragons of different ages have a different schedule of pooping, but if they are not pooping according to their routine, they may have some problems. Usually, an adult bearded dragon can go without poop and movement for several weeks. Although this no defecation can be painful for them, therefore, try to solve this issue on early stage

How to identify Bad poop?

Different colors of poop can be a symptom of various Health Problems. It is better to know your pet poop color and texture,

1-If Bearded dragon is pooping White?

Full white poop may be due to urate. No need to worry if it is soft.

But if poop is hard like chalk, then it is clearly because of dehydration.

Make a warm bath for them and supervise their feces.

2-If Bearded dragon is pooping green?

If you are feeding more greens to tour Bearded dragons, then definable they will poop green until unless the poop is not becoming bloody.

No need to worry about their green color. It is just because of green veggies.

3- What if Bearded Dragon is pooping Yellow?

More calcium in the diet will produce yellowish poop in Bearded Dragons.

Gove a suggested amount of calcium to your Pet.

4-What if Bearded Dragon is pooping Red?

As humans got the worst state of constipation as a pile, the same as Bearded Dragons red poop can be clear evidence of Blood in poop or impaction.

An internal blockage can upset the poop schedule.

It is better to use some home remedies to relieve impaction

What to do if my Bearded Dragons are not pooping?

Prevention is better than cure. This famous saying has excellent importance in Bearded Dragon life. Being an owner, you must know Bearded Dragons poop and their ways to relieve the poop. 

By adopting the following treatments, you can prevent your Pet from defecation.

1-Warm bath

Well, a warm bath can make the way easy to pass stool. Arrange a warm bath for our Bearded dragons and enjoy them freely. This warm bath will help the Bearded dragon to poop quickly.

2- Proper light in Baskin.

Due to low light, Bearded dragons become sick and produce impaction or no feces.

To prevent constipation, place a good UVB light Blood in the Basking of bearded dragons to temperature their body. This good light will improve their digestion, and they will be able to pass the stool

3- Proper diet

Make a balanced food platter for your bearded dragon. If the bearded dragon has not pooped since for a while, feed them with carrot and cabbage, these both will make the hard stool into the runny stool


Laxatives play an essential role in stool passing.

Homemade remedies are a blessing for the impaction of your Bearded Dragons.

• Give them 2-3 drops of olive oil once a day

• Organic Apple sauce half t spoon

• Pumpkin puree soft paste diluted in water half t spoon

Try all these remedies; these will release stool on an early basis.

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Wrap Up

Having Pet is a big responsibility itself. If your Bearded Dragos is not pooping well, try to figure out the real reason for the problems as mentioned above. And on serious issues, plan a visit to their Vet.