Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair

It’s not easy to have pets and keep a clean home, but good vacuums will help a lot. The best Shark pet hair vacuums are mentioned below, with a brief overview and our recommendations for each vacuum form and category.

A good pet hair vacuum cleaner should be simple to use and maintain, capable of cleaning a variety of floors and elevated surfaces, and provide excellent air filtration.

Shark is one of the most well-known vacuum manufacturers, and it has produced a number of vacuums that are ideal for pet owners. We conducted extensive research and identified four of the best Shark vacuums for pet hair that we believe you will enjoy.

When looking for a new vacuum cleaner, the number of brands and manufacturers available can be overwhelming, with many models commanding exorbitant prices. Shark vacuums are inexpensive options that are built for good cleaning and come in a variety of styles and accessories.

The best Shark vacuum for you will be determined by the size of the area to be cleaned, the type of surface to be cleaned, and whether you need a full-size or compact unit. Based on efficacy, vacuum type, and overall performance, the Shark vacuums mentioned below are the best in their respective categories.

Why You Should Buy a Shark Vacuum Pet

Shark describes itself on its website as a “pioneer in small household appliances and cleaning solutions that suit busy people’s lifestyles” (1). Since its inception in 1998, the company has seen steady growth.

Despite being up against far more powerful competitors, Shark grew to dominate the industry in a true underdog tale. According to a Forbes survey from 2014, Shark had surpassed Dyson as the industry leader in vacuum cleaners in the United States. It was a 1.6 billion dollar corporation with 20% market share at the time.

It’s only safe to believe that those numbers have risen dramatically in the last five years, as Shark has undergone a new surge in popularity. One theory is that Shark continues to be the market leader because it provides cheap vacuums that are also innovative.

We like Shark, but like all brands, we must judge it equally. So, while we can’t deny that speculation plays a big part in its success, we can attest to it. Shark is a worthy brand in our opinion, and here’s why:

Shark makes four different vacuum cleaners, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So, before you buy one for your house, consider which kind is best for you.

Upright Vacuums

Shark produces a wide range of upright vacuums, including some of the most powerful models available. These traditional models are often regarded as the original and strongest, owing to their cleaning efficiency. Pet hair can be easily removed with an upright vacuum.

However, since they aren’t as complex as other versions, they are frequently less expensive. They don’t need to be put together and are better for your back and posture. Despite the fact that vacuum technology has advanced well beyond their simplicity, many people continue to use them.


– They’re powerful.

– There is no need for assembly.

– It’s better for your back.


– They aren’t versatile.

– Can be heavy.

Cordless Vacuums

These models have become increasingly common in recent years, and they are praised for their adaptability. They are lightweight, do not need a power source, and can be converted into handhelds for added convenience.

These are by far the most advanced vacuums of our time, and their ease of use makes them ideal for pet owners. They have all of the suction strength of conventional (or upright) vacuums, but without the bulk, shape, or cable restrictions.


– They are the most adaptable.

– They’re not too heavy.

– Some can convert into handhelds.

– Battery operated.


– They’re expensive.

– Not as long-lasting as uprights.

– Stick Vacuums with Cords

Corded Stick Vacuums

Stick vacuums, like cordless vacuums, are small and flexible. Because of their strings, they have some limitations, but they also have some advantages.

For one thing, corded stick vacuums are less expensive than cordless vacuums. Plus, since they’re plugged in, they have access to more energy, which allows them to suction more effectively. The main advantage is that you get more productivity with less effort than you can with conventional machines.

They’re also maneuverable, which is useful for pet owners who need to clean up in difficult-to-reach areas.

Robot vacuums

Robot vacuums are the last but not least. These aren’t yet a norm, but they’re rapidly gaining popularity. The benefit is that they take care of everything for you.

The user must manually handle uprights and both corded and cordless sticks. Robot vacuums, on the other hand, use intelligent technology to clean without your assistance, saving you a lot of time.

They’re also quieter than most other vacuum cleaners, which is great for pets. They even work independently, so you don’t have to keep an eye on them all the time.


– No manual labor.

– It is quieter than most vacuum cleaners.

– They help you save time.


– Just use flat surfaces to work on.

– They’re not cheap.

– Blind spots exist.

How to Choose the Best Shark Vacuum

Our cleaning experts suggest spritzing fur-covered carpets and couches with an anti-static spray like Static Guard before vacuuming to make strands come up easier. Then, in a vacuum designed especially for pet fur, there are a few features to look for:

– Rubber trim and raised “fingers” on floor nozzles and attachments help zap static and sever ties, making it easier for fur to come up.

– Brush rolls with no tangles eliminate the need to cut long strands of hair (from pets or humans!) that tangle around the brush.

– Easy-to-empty dust cups for vacuuming’s imminent and regular disposal. Keep in mind that the filters on newer vacuums capture more odors, allowing the vacuum and the space to be odor-free.

Reviews of the Top 4 Shark Vacuums in 2021

We’ve put over 15 Shark vacuum cleaners to the test so far. In addition to vacuum cleaners, Shark makes household items such as irons and mops. Shark provides a little bit of everything, including robot vacuums, secondary handheld configurations, and corded and cordless deodorizers, unlike other brands like Samsung or BISSELL, which concentrate on a small range of vacuum designs. Their vacuums are available in a number of price ranges, so you’ll be able to find one that suits your budget.


We found the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ to be the best cordless Shark vacuum we’ve ever used. This well-made handheld model has a compact, lightweight build and offers outstanding versatility. Pet fur, rice, and heavy debris like cereal are no match for it on bare surfaces like linoleum floors or kitchen counters.

It also removes pet hair from low and high-pile carpets with ease, and it performs admirably on those surfaces. An upholstery tool for cleaning fabric-covered furniture, such as couches or car seats, and a crevice tool for reaching into tight corners are among the tools and brushes included. It is simple to maintain because it only has a few sections that must be removed and cleaned on a regular basis, and has few recurring costs.

It does not have a HEPA filter, which is frustrating if you are worried about allergens. This also doesn’t have the greatest battery life. It only lasts about 10 minutes on a single charge, making it unsuitable for longer cleaning sessions. Otherwise, it’s a great option if you want a handheld model that can clean up messes on almost any surface type. It’s also one of the most powerful multi-surface vacuum cleaners we’ve seen.


We found the Shark Rocket Pet Pro with MultiFlex IZ163H to be the best Shark vacuum for bare floors. This stick/handheld model performs admirably on bare surfaces such as linoleum and hardwood flooring, cleaning pet hair and debris with ease even as the dirt compartment fills. It has a slim, lightweight design and a rotating head, making it very maneuverable. If you want to clean stairs, your car, or another hard-to-reach place, you can use it in a handheld mode. It has an allergen-trapping HEPA filter as well as a self-cleaning brush roll that can detangle hair wraps on its own, making it an excellent option if you have pets. Since it has washable filters and a bagless nature, the vacuum should have practically no recurring costs as long as it is well-maintained.

However, although its maximum battery life is about 40 minutes, it only lasts around 12 minutes while using the most efficient suction mode, so if you’re cleaning up a big mess, you’ll need to work quickly. It’s well-made, but some pieces, such as the dirt compartment, could be more durable. It is, however, a flexible choice that performs admirably on bare floors. In addition, it is one of the best.


The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Upright is the best Shark vacuum for carpets we’ve tried. This upright model cleans low-pile carpets exceptionally well, removing pet hair and most debris with ease, and it even performs admirably on high-pile carpets. You can use it in a handheld mode to enter difficult areas like stairs or your car’s interior, and it has dedicated surface-type settings for low and high-pile carpets. As the dirt compartment fills up, its efficiency remains constant, so you should be able to clean a large room or a long staircase without having to empty it too much. It also has a HEPA filter that traps allergens, as well as a few tools and brushes, including a crevice tool for getting into tight spaces and an upholstery tool for use on fabric-covered furniture.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that it has almost no recurring costs, it is not the easiest vacuum to maintain, as many pieces must be removed and serviced on a regular basis. It’s also a little bulky, which makes cleaning under low furniture like couches and coffee tables more difficult. Aside from that, it’s one of the best carpet vacuums we’ve reviewed, thanks to its excellent efficiency and adaptable nature.


The Shark IQ Robot RV1001 is the best robotic Shark vacuum we’ve tested. This robot model gathers up the majority of pet fur on all surfaces and cleans bare floors exceptionally well. For a robot vacuum, it even performs admirably on the low and high-pile carpet, but it fails to remove fine debris such as baking soda. It follows a thorough cleaning procedure and covers a large area. Other smart features included in the companion app include returning the vacuum to its docking station automatically and controlling the vacuum with your voice using Alexa or Google Home via your paired smartphone. This vacuum has an impressive battery life, with over an hour of runtime on the ‘Max’ setting and nearly three hours on the ‘Eco’ setting.

Unfortunately, it has high recurring costs, as do many robot vacuums, and it’s difficult to maintain because many parts must be cleaned on a regular basis. It also has a small dirt compartment with no indicator that indicates when it’s complete. However, this simple robot vacuum performs admirably on both bare floors and carpet, and it takes a lot of the work out of cleaning.

Compared to competing brands

+ There are almost no recurring expenses. Most Shark vacuums have parts that can be washed or cleaned, so if you treat them properly, you can never have to replace them. Despite the fact that some models have a small dirt compartment, they are usually bagless, which helps to reduce recurring costs even further.

+ Brushes and tools are included. They don’t come with advanced equipment like a pet grooming brush or a ceiling fan gadget, but they do have a good set of tools and brushes to get the job done.

+ It’s possible to transform it into a handheld vacuum. Shark vacuums can also be reconfigured into a smaller, handheld mode, allowing you to reach harder-to-reach messes.

Construct efficiency is adequate. Shark vacuums are made of plastic, and some components, such as the dirt compartments, appear to be particularly vulnerable to cracking if dropped.

There are several maintenance requirements. Many Shark vacuums have many sections that need to be maintained on a regular basis, depending on the model.

Storage of cords is done manually. Instead of automatically storing the electrical cable, most corded Shark vacuums need manually winding it.

Shark offers a range of vacuum cleaners at various price points. They’re cleverly built to convert to a handheld configuration if you need a closer clean, and cordless alternatives are available. As compared to Dyson’s stick vacuums, Shark vacuums seem to be more well-made and durable. On the other hand, they have a similar but slightly inferior score on carpet. Their upright vacuums normally outperform BISSELL vacuums on all types of surfaces. Shark does not actually manufacture canister vacuums.