Bobi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Bobi pet robotic vacuum cleaner is produced by the bObsweep named Canadian firm.

We’re in the midst of a revolt against robotic vacuum cleaners. I, for one, am delighted to see them. They’re convenient, save time, and, for the most part, work without interfering with my leisure time, allowing me to enjoy it. Despite its appealing look, the $849 Bobsweep Bobi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is inconvenient and requires much too much upkeep and hand-holding to be called helpful. At this price, it also lacks Wi-Fi and app control, which is a major disappointment. If you’re looking for a vacuum that’s specially designed for pet hair, the Bobi Pet’s poor suction means you’ll have to search elsewhere. For the money, the Neato Botvac Connected ($399.99 at Amazon) or the iRobot Roomba 980 are better options.

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About this item

– bobi vacuum has a luxurious appearance in a little package. Soft, bumper-free identification and navigation are enabled via silicone touch sensors and an inbuilt wall sensor.

– Extra dirt and scraps are scooped in by back-to-back rubber and bristle brushes. Rinse bObi’s entirely washable dustbin to keep it clean and easy to maintain.

– The FullCommand remote that comes with bObi allows you to manage navigation and schedule automated cleaning for up to 7 days.

– bObi blOck produces an invisible wall that can be used to divide a room.

– A 2-year limited warranty, 5 years of subsidized service, and a fantastic, US-based support team back up bObi.

Design and Features

The spherical Bobi Pet has a glossy reflective silicone coating that feels pleasant to the touch and resembles a Roomba. However, regardless of whether you choose the red or silver finish, be careful not to touch it too much because its mirror-like brilliance invites smudges. It’s smaller than the Neato Botvac Connected (3.9 inches) and Roomba 980, measuring 12 by 12 by 3.5 inches (HWD) (3.6 inches). If you have couches or TV stands that are near to the floor, this can make a tremendous impact. There is no handle on the front of the chassis, so you’ll have to lift it from the bottom while moving it around, unlike the Botvac Connected.

The Bobi Pet uses three integrated buttons near the top of its housing instead of LCD panels like the Botvac Connectd and Roomba 980.

Waffle directs the Bobi Pet to spot clean after Go activates it, Juice causes it to return to its docking base, and Go activates it. On the vacuum itself, unlike the Botvac Connected, there are no more sophisticated settings or options. To control the Bobi Pet’s features, you must use a disc-shaped remote control that is powered by two AAA batteries (not provided). It allows you to manually control the vacuum, set schedules, activate or deactivate the vacuum’s UV light, and modify the suction’s speed. The remote includes an LCD that displays the current time, scheduled time, and a row of numerals from one to seven that represent weekdays. There isn’t a smartphone app available.

A front wheel, two side wheels, a primary roller brush, a duster, a UV light for killing germs and bug eggs, a detachable dustbin with a washable HEPA filter, and a rotating side brush for cleaning edges are all found in the bottom of the Bobi Pet. A mop attachment is available with the Bobi Pet, however it must be sprayed with water or cleaning solution to work.

The Bobi Pet also contains several dust detectors on its sides and bottom, as well as edge detection sensors to prevent it from tumbling down stairs and a wall detector. On the side of the Bobi Pet is an On/Off switch.

Apart from the vacuum, the box contains a spare cleaning brush, a Bobi Block (more on that later), the remote control, a spare side brush, a comb-like cleaning tool, two microfiber mop cloths, an extra filter, a Phillips head screwdriver, extra screws, the charging station, and a wall adapter that can be plugged into the station or directly into the vacuum.

Regrettably, you’ll have to flip the Bobi Pet over, unscrew the battery panel, and insert the heavy battery by connecting two circuit junctions and shoving the wires deep into the Bobi Pet’s guts before replacing it. To be honest, this is a bad design. The Neato Botvac and iRobot Roomba do not require any manual assembly and do not include screwdrivers; they are ready to use right out of the box.

The Bobi Pet takes four hours to charge and runs for roughly 90 minutes when the battery is fitted. The Botvac Connected takes three hours to charge and can run for up to 90 minutes in Turbo mode and 120 minutes in Eco mode. Cleaning an entire apartment or a single floor of a house should take no more than 90 minutes. When the Bobi Pet runs out of juice, it returns to its charging mode automatically. You can also push the Juice button to send it home and, er, juice up.

The Bobi Block is identical to the Roomba 980 or Roomba 880’s Virtual Wall Lighthouses. It’s a little plastic block-shaped box that runs on four AA batteries, as the name suggests (again, not included). It can be programmed to project a barrier over doorways or other sensitive locations, preventing the Bobi Pet from crossing.

Setup, Control, and Performance

As previously said, you must remove the battery cover with the provided screwdriver and insert the batteries by connecting several wires. The vacuum must then be charged by either connecting it directly to the power adapter or by connecting the power adapter to the charging base so that the Bobi Pet may nuzzle up against it and charge. Once the battery is charged, turn the power on and either hit one of the mysterious buttons on the chassis—Juice? Waffle?—or use the remote control. By the way, because a lot of the Bobi Pet’s functions and quirks aren’t immediately visible, it’s a good idea to read the handbook cover to cover. In this aspect, the lack of a simple smartphone app is extremely detrimental.

It takes some practice to control the Bobi Pet with a remote control. It takes patience to utilize the directional buttons to pilot it because it’s never apparent whether pressing or holding them instructs the vacuum where to go. After a while, I lost up and just hit the Go button on the chassis, which activated the Bobi Pet’s default cleaning mode.

Before starting the robotic vacuum, clear the floor of socks, toys, and anything you don’t want to be vacuumed up, just like you would with a typical vacuum. But in the case of the Bobi Pet, that doesn’t really matter because it snagged on practically every surface it came across, including a kitchen mat, a bathroom mat, and a kitty litter box mat.

Despite the fact that all three of them are as flat as possible to the hardwood (and tiled, in the bathroom) floor, they caused the vacuum to stall and emit numerous unpleasant beeps to inform me that it was in Error mode. I had to stand up each time and relocate the Bobi Pet before tapping away on the remote until the error was rectified. My apartment’s mats were no match for either the Neato Botvac or the Roomba 980.

The bad performance extends to the rest of my house, which includes a bathroom, bedroom, dining room, foyer, and living room. The Neato Botvac and the Roomba 980 each took roughly 90 minutes to clean the entire room. It took about 30 minutes for the Bobi Pet to clean simply my bedroom, which it only stayed in.That’s because it goes irregularly, with no rhyme or reason, unlike the Neato Botvac and Rooma 980 clean everything in an area in calculated parallel lines.

Furthermore, it only cleaned up a few of the huge cat food pellets left on the floor since its spinning brush kept knocking them away, which was also a problem with the Roomba 980.
They were readily defeated by the Neato Botvac.

The Bobi Pet also struggled to pick up dust bunnies on my rug and kitten litter strewn across my bathroom tile, both of which the Neato Botvac and Roomba 980 readily handled. The suction on the Bobi Pet isn’t very strong. When I emptied the fairly fragile dustbin, I discovered it had barely cleaned up a quarter of what the other robot vacuums had regularly taken up.

Its mopping ability is also underwhelming. At the very least, it’s quiet enough to let you to have a conversation while it’s running, which you can’t say about the Botvac or Roomba.


The Bobi Pet isn’t worth it, even if you can purchase it online for less than its exorbitant $849 list price. It lacks a Wi-Fi connection and an associated app, has limited suction power, and is easily caught, all of which detract from the ease of an autonomous robot vacuum. The Roomba 980 from iRobot is $50 more expensive, but it’s more powerful, Wi-Fi-connected, and app-enabled.

The Neato Botvac Connected is a robot vacuum cleaner that operates just as well as the Roomba but costs $200 less. So, if you’re looking for a connected robot vacuum, the Botvac is a great option. The $449 Neato XV Signature Pro, our Editors’ Choice, offers a lot of the same powerful, automated cleaning capabilities, but without the smartphone management.


Cleans Multiple Rooms

  • Set and forget.

Let the vacuum do the cleaning for you

  • The programmable schedule lets you set the vacuum to clean when it’s most convenient for you.

Bagless technology

There are no bags to buy or change, which saves time and energy.

Automatic docking and recharging

  • After your floors are clean, the robot returns to the docking station to refuel.

Rechargeable battery

  • Provides ample cleaning time on a full charge.

Edge cleaning

  • Allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Silver color

  • Adds a sleek, stylish look.

What’s Included

  • 2x microfiber mopping cloth
  • Cleaning brush
  • Power adapter
  • Remote control
  • Screwdriver
  • Side brush (2x), main brush (2x)
  • bObi blOck
  • bObsweep bObi Pet Robot Vacuum
  • base


Voice Assistant Built-in

  • No


  • Yes

Cleaning Path Width

  • 12 inches

Vacuum Type

  • Robotic vacuums

Bin Capacity

  • 0.264172 gallons

Product Weight

  • 10 pounds


  • Yes

Compatible Floor Type

  • All floors


  • Cordless


  • 12 watts

Wet And Dry Usage

  • Yes

Filter Type

  • Other


  • Yes

Multi Surface

  • No

Washable Filter

  • Yes

Attachments Included

  • Mop

Auto Docking And Recharging

  • Yes

Room-By-Room Navigation

  • Yes

Maximum Runtime

  • 120 minutes


  • No


Voice Assistant Built-in

  • No


Product Name

  • bObi Pet Robot Vacuum


  • bObsweep

Assembly Required

  • No

Additional Accessories Included

  • bObi blOck, cleaning brush, power adapter, remote control, screwdriver, self-charging base, side brush (2x), main brush (2x)

Model Number

  • NW604001SV


  • bObsweep


  • Silver

Color Category

  • Silver


Product Height

  • 3.5 inches

Product Length

  • 12 inches

Product Width

  • 12 inches


  • Connectivity Technology


Cliff Sensor

  • Yes


  • Yes


  • 12 watts

Wet And Dry Usage

  • Yes

Filter Type



  • 110 volts


  • Damp and dry cloths

Protective Bumpers

  • Yes

Remote Control

  • No

Batteries Included

  • Yes


Adjustable Suction


Edge Cleaning


Programmable Cleaning Intervals

  • Yes



  • No

Charger Included

  • Yes

Battery Size

  • Other


Manufacturer’s Warranty – Parts

  • Not Available

Manufacturer’s Warranty – Labor

  • Not Available



  • 865334000153

Review of the bObi Pet robotic vacuum, which is meant to get rid of pet hair

The bObi Pet is the latest robot vacuum cleaner from bObsweep, a Canadian business. It contains upgrades over the preceding bObi Classic, with a focus on functions for cleaning up after pets. It features more sensors and brushes than earlier bObi robots to assist it clean hardwoods, laminates, and carpets, and it has updated algorithms for dealing with pet hair. We put it to the test in a two-bedroom flat that hadn’t been vacuumed in ten days and was home to two dogs who shed like they were completing backorders. Here’s what we discovered.

According to bObsweep, the bObi Pet is not only more efficient than its predecessors, but also more appealing to the eye. It has a metallic top and a silicone body coated in a personalized “TouchMe texture,” and it comes in a number of scarlet and silver color schemes. Its Roomba-like puck shape is scaled to help it to glide under furniture and navigate living areas without too much drama, measuring 12 x 12 x 3.5 in (30 x 30 x 9 cm). Thanks to a system of 80 touch sensors, four edge-detection sensors to keep it from tumbling down the stairs, and five wall detectors to save the wallpaper, it’s not falling down the stairs.

For cleaning hard surfaces, an integrated mop attachment with microfiber wipes can be added to the back. A harsh UV light is also housed in the undercarriage, which shines down to kill bacteria and flea eggs while also assisting in the breakdown of complex organic molecules to minimize odors.

A charging station and a wall adapter are also included in the box, which can be plugged straight into the bObi Pet. The station serves as a navigational beacon and a home base for the robot in addition to recharging it. The bObi Pet takes about four hours to charge and lasts around one and a half hours per charge. When the robot’s battery runs out, it autonomously seeks out and docks with the station.

The new bObi blOck, a plastic box that employs light beams to create invisible boundaries, is also included in the set. When the robot gets too close to the forbidden zone, the wall sensors detect the light and the robot goes away. The bObi Pet can thus be kept out of situations where it is not welcome.

A maintenance package, which includes a spare main brush, spare side brush, cleaning tool, additional screws, additional microfiber mopping cloths, cross-head screwdriver, synchronizing tool, and user handbook, is also included.

The latter is crucial because we immediately learned that the bObi Pet is not a plug-and-play device, and that reading the handbook is essential for getting started. In fact, we recommend reading it from beginning to end to learn not only how to complete the robot’s assembly and setup, but also the fundamentals of its operation. Even then, there will be a learning curve that will take a few days to complete because determining what is and isn’t regular behavior for the gadget is difficult. None of this is difficult, but it does necessitate some research prior to clicking the On button.

The portable remote control is essential for completing the robot’s commissioning once it has been set up and completely charged. This disc-shaped pad contains an LCD readout and a number of buttons that may be used to turn the robot on and off, change its operational modes, set the time and date, schedule cleaning times, turn on and off the UV lamp, select speeds, and directly pilot the robot. Clogged rollers, a poorly mounted dustbin, stuck wheels, and filthy sensors all send error warnings to the control. The bObi Pet may be started manually using the remote or the buttons on the top of its casing, or it may be set to clean at a specific hour on specific days of the week.

The robot has three modes: Go, which cleans at two speeds; Waffle, which cleans spills or other places that require extra care; and Juice, which instructs it to hunt for and dock with its charging station.

When the bObi Pet is set on Go, it tracks from its base, follows walls, avoids obstructions, and utilizes sensors to find unclean areas and feed them more at the same time. The robot, according to bObsweep, only makes 60 decibels of noise and is said to leave dogs alone. When we tested the bObi Pet around two dogs who were not known for their calmness, it didn’t startle them outright like a traditional vacuum, but it did make them look at it with less-than-welcoming expressions as they sought to figure out what the invader was.

The manufacturers encourage that you don’t stop the Go cycle, although this can be tough when the robot starts sucking up a USB cable or gets stuck beneath the bed. The bObi Pet’s bObi blOck is one way to keep it from misbehaving.

Its battery-powered light signals keep it out of areas where it could cause damage or become tangled, such as areas with delicate carpets, fringe tassels, electrical cords, furniture where it could become stuck, and rooms of teenagers who haven’t picked up their belongings since the nineteenth century.

However, because the box must cover more than one area at a time, locking doors and properly putting cushions and shoeboxes is still a viable option. Furthermore, poorly positioning the bObi blOck can beam the light on the robot in such a way that it is unable to flee and appears to be experiencing a nervous breakdown.

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