Can A Cockatiel Eat Parakeet Food? Must know before feeding them!

When you are an owner of a parakeet and cockatiel, So you must think that you can have the same food for each other right? One of my friends asked me that “Can a cockatiel eat parakeet food? So I do deep research to find is ok to feed parakeet food to cockatiels.

So I got the answer is “YES”. You can feed parakeet food to a cockatiel. And cockatiels can eat parakeet food.

Okay, The food they can eat, that has similar nutrition requirements that the thing that can make it possible to feed them the same food. However, Cockatiels and parakeets both belong to the parrot family.

Although they belong to the parrot family we must have to remember that they are different birds so, so some of their diet and other things will be different that’s why it’s important to know about them.

So also I will try to discuss cockatiel and parakeet food.

Can A Cockatiel Eat Parakeet Food?

Of course, Cockatiels can eat parakeet food. Mostly you must have a good balanced diet for each bird with seeds and fresh vegetables. However, it would be safe to feed the same food for each other.

Although, cockatiels are bigger than parakeets their feeding diet is the same.

The cockatiel diet needs a high value of calories, So you just need to provide more than much you give for a parakeet.

What can food can eat parakeet?

As a parakeet owner, you must know what good you will add to your parakeets. Here I’m meaning some different phrases. In the market, you will get pre-packed food/mixed seeds for parakeets.

Likely, Parakeet food means that any food can eat parakeets.

All of the parakeet food is mostly good for a cockatiel, Like fruits, Parakeets love fruit. Like mango. Also vegetables, seeds, and mixed prepacked diet food that you can feed to a cockatiel.

Even though, nuts and grains are good food for cockatiels and parakeets. And they must love it. But grains have fewer nutrients than other food like seeds, and fruits. vegetable. So feed it much lower than other food.

Is there any difference between Cockatiel food and Parakeet food?

Based on Nutrition types, there are no differences between Cockatiel food and Parakeet food. They just need a well-balanced diet of fruits, seeds, vegetables, nuts, and leafy green veggies.

But you have to choose the right mixes of seeds, Hence most of the seeds mix similar cockatiel seeds mix.

And parakeet seeds mix is smaller so parakeets can consume it easily. That’s why it won’t make any food consumption issues for cockatiels.

On the other hand, Cockatiel mixes are quite big than parakeet seeds mix, So better to avoid feeding cockatiel food to parakeets.

So there is no difference between cockatiel and parakeet feeding but you just need to remember the size of the pellets

What Food Cockatiels Cannot Eat in Vegetables?

Of course, the vegetable is best for cockatiel health and diet. But some of the vegetables can be toxic for cockatiel. So you must have to avoid them.

  1. Avocado: As mentioned earlier, avocado is toxic to cockatiels, including the flesh, skin, and pit. It is best to avoid feeding them this fruit in any form.
  2. Onions and Garlic: Both onions and garlic belong to the Allium family and can be harmful to cockatiels. These vegetables contain compounds that can damage their red blood cells.
  3. Potato Leaves and Sprouts: The leaves and sprouts of potatoes contain solanine, a toxic substance for cockatiels. Ensure that you remove all leaves and sprouts before offering potatoes to your bird.
  4. Tomato Leaves and Stems: Tomato leaves and stems contain a toxin called solanine, which can be harmful to cockatiels. It is best to remove these parts before offering tomatoes as a treat.
  5. Corn on the Cob: While corn kernels are safe for cockatiels, the cob itself is not suitable for consumption. The cob can cause digestive blockages and pose a choking hazard.
  6. Peppers (Hot Varieties): Hot peppers, such as jalapeños or chili peppers, can be too spicy for cockatiels and cause digestive upset. It is best to avoid feeding them these varieties.
  7. Unripe or Green Tomatoes: Unripe or green tomatoes contain solanine, similar to their leaves and stem. Make sure to only offer ripe, red tomatoes to your cockatiel.

Remember, while these vegetables may not be suitable for cockatiels, there are many other options that they can enjoy safely. Always introduce new vegetables gradually and in moderation to observe how your cockatiel reacts to them.

FAQs about Cockatiel Diet

Q: Can cockatiels eat broccoli?

A: Yes, broccoli is safe for cockatiels to eat. It is a nutritious vegetable that provides vitamins and minerals. However, introduce it in small amounts to see if your bird enjoys it.

Q: Are carrots safe for cockatiels?

A: Carrots are safe for cockatiels and can be a healthy addition to their diet. They are a good source of vitamin A and provide a crunchy texture that birds often enjoy.

Q: Can cockatiels eat lettuce?

A: Lettuce is generally safe for cockatiels, but it offers limited nutritional value. It is best to provide dark leafy greens like spinach or kale as a more nutrient-rich alternative.

Q: Are cucumbers suitable for cockatiels?

A: Yes, cucumbers are safe for cockatiels to eat. They are hydrating and provide a refreshing snack option. Remove the seeds and offer them in small, manageable slices.

Q: Can cockatiels eat peas?

A: Peas are safe for cockatiels and can be offered as a treat. They are a good source of vitamins and minerals, but remember to remove the outer skin for easier digestion.

Q: Are bell peppers safe for cockatiels?

A: Yes, bell peppers are safe for cockatiels. They provide essential vitamins and can be served raw or lightly cooked. Remove the seeds and offer small, bird-sized pieces.


So my last thought is, Parakeets food are safe for cockatiel. you can feed without worrying about it.

Whenever Parakeets and cockatiels have different types of personalities. So you have to monitor their eating, So you will understand how they are behaving on their food.