Can Bearded Dragons Eat Ants? Is it Safe For Bearded Dragons?

Can bearded dragons eat ants? Can bearded dragons eat black or carpenter ants? Are ants harmful to bearded dragons? These are the questions that usually stuck in the mind of every owner, who keeps bearded dragons as pets. Here, we will reveal the exact answers which will pave the path for owners regarding their pets.

Bearded Dragons belong to class Reptilia. They are one of the kind creatures of God. Bearded Dragons are easy to handle and friendly in nature.

As they are from the Omnivorous group, so they can eat both plants and animals. But, being a Pet bearded dragon needs little extra care. There should be check and balance on bearded dragons that what they eat? How many times they are eating and so on? Because all veggies and animals are not safe for them. Anything can cause harm to bearded dragons to an extent.

Can Bearded Dragons eat ants?

The most asking question is Can bearded Dragons eat ants? Well, when it comes to the safety of bearded dragons, then, Ants are not as safe as cockroaches, worms and crickets.

Ants contain Folic Acid, which is not good for bearded dragons. Although Bearded Dragons need vitamins, apart from Folic acids, Calcium (especially Calcium Carbonate) and vitamin D3 can be given to them from few times a week to once a day.

Ants also contain a disproportionate ratio of calcium to phosphorous which is not quite good for bearded dragons.

Although, ants can be given to bearded dragons in a little amount .it is recommended to keep them away from dragons. Still, if you are wondering that either can bearded dragons eat ants or not?

let’s have a look at nutritional facts of Ants

Nutritional content per 100g

Name                       Amount       Unit

Folic Acid                      0.451               mg

Magnesium                 10.93                mg

Calcium                         26.10               mg

Potassium                    46.37                mg

Phosphorous               105.85              mg

This table shows the number of folic acids and disproportionated ratio of calcium to phosphorous in ants, which is not suitable for Bearded Dragons.

Can Bearded Dragons eat black Ants?

Bearded dragons are easy-going reptiles while black ants have a defence system for big predators. Upon eating, Black Ants can sting or inject formic acid into bearded dragons, which can cause harmful effects to the health of Bearded dragons. Therefore, they should be avoided from black ants.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Flying Ants?

Somehow, Yes You can feed your bearded dragons with flying ants but it is suggested not to feed your bearded dragon with flying ants because maybe they are carrying some parasites along with them. And by eating those ants, your bearded dragon can get an infection or other health issues. So, it is suggested to avoid ants feeding.

But if you are in desperate need to feed your bearded dragon with ants then you should purchase them from a certified pet shop. Maybe it can be a healthy way for bearded dragons to eat flying ants

Can Bearded Dragons eat Carpenter Ants?

When you are talking about ants as food for your bearded dragon, then-No is a clear answer either it is black, red, fly or Carpenter ants.

Although carpenter ants are not stingy and don’t bite due to their structural composition, they should be avoided. These ants are not good for the health of your loved one pet, a bearded dragon.

 Why do ants come to meet bearded dragons?

 We are only focusing on can bearded dragons eat ants? But we don’t know who invites the ants to come in the cage of bearded dragons.

 Ants always come on food scrap, feathers of crickets, blood, bites of uneaten food and so on. Therefore, it should be checked properly either there is any remain of food are present or not in the cage of bearded dragons.

 How to keep Ants away from Bearded dragons?

Well as said earlier those ants are not good for the health of bearded dragons, so, it is more important for the owner of the dragons to take extra care of ants. Because ants are free souls, they live in a colonial state in a house. They can move here and there without any fear. And therefore, they also come in contact with your bearded dragon which is not good for dragons.

Following are some hacks to keep ants distant from Bearded dragons

1-Keep the cage of Bearded dragons neat and clean

Cleanliness is the prior thing to any hack. If you keep the cage clean, you can reduce 90% chances of ants’ removal from the cage. Clean the cage and make sure to not leave any piece or leftover of food in the cage because they attract the ants and insects most towards the cage.

2-Wash Bearded dragon’s tank

It occurs mostly in houses, who kept bearded dragons, that ants come in contact with their tank, the place where bearded dragons spend most of the time.

The solution is to wash their cage gently and keep it under the sun for two to three days just to avoid ants. Sterilize their cage for further contamination.

If ants are making colonies in the nest, then you should keep the cage soak in the dish soap+ water solution for 1-2 days. It will remove all the colonies and nests of ants from the cage.

3-Vinegar spray

Put vinegar and water in a spray bottle with a 1:1 ratio and spray the whole cage to avoid ants presence. It will keep the ants away from the cage of bearded dragons as ants don’t like the smell of vinegar.


Although it is a messy hack it also helps to keep the ants away from bearded dragons. Apply Vaseline on the floor around the cage, ants will not be able to cross the Vaseline’s barrier or will stick to it. In this way, you can help your bearded dragons from ant’s encounters.


Sunlight plays an important role in the life of livings either it is Human or Animal. When it comes to the safety of bearded dragons, you should keep a cage of them under the sunlight once in 15 days. Sunlight will protect the cage from containing any ants, spiders or bugs

6- protection in rainy seasons

In moon sons or rainy seasons, Bearded dragons’ cages are more vulnerable for ant’s contact. Therefore, either place the cage in a dry place or hang the cage with the ceiling or roof to avoid the ants. Because ants always come on the wet areas.

7- Powder Barrier

The powder is one of those things, which ants don’t like most. By sprinkling Talcum powder or cinnamon powder in the or around the cage, you can protect your bearded dragons

 By following the above-mentioned remedies you can assure the safety of your loved one pets

Foods for Bearded dragons instead of ants

In our whole discussion we only focused on can bearded dragons eat ants? After answering this most asking questions, now we will discuss what to feed your bearded dragons instead of ants

Can bearded dragons eat spiders?

As ants are everywhere in the home, spiders also share equal contributions in the home. You keep bearded dragons safe from ants But, you can feed them with the spiders treat.

Although spiders are not fully nutrients enriched like crickets, cockroaches and dubia roaches but they are not poisonous and harmful like ants too. But make sure that no spider is carrying parasite with it while feeding Bearded dragons.

Although spiders are not as bad as ants for bearded dragons, still you have to be cautious about the types of spiders, to keep your dragons healthy.

Four types of spiders are not good for your bearded dragons

1-Brown Recluse

2-Black widow

3-Hobo spiders

4-Yellow sac spiders

KEEP your dragons away from these spiders to prevent any harm.

Can bearded dragons eat Locusts and crickets?

Yes, you can make your dragons happy by serving them locusts and cockroaches. Because Bearded dragons are fond of meat and they love to eat these cockroaches.

Apart from the happy meals, locusts, cockroaches and dubia roaches are nutrient-enriched too. Too healthy for Bearded dragons

Are Vegetables good for Bearded dragons?

As we discussed earlier, that Bearded dragons are omnivorous, so, they love to eat both veggies and meat.

When it comes to the turn of vegetables, Bearded dragons become happy with veggies like

  • Bok Choy
  • Mustard greens
  • OKRA
  • Yellow Squash
  • Escarole
  • Collards
  • Turnip greens
  • Bell peppers (especially Yellow)

Fruits for Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons also love to enjoy fruits in their food chain

  • Papaya
  • Mango
  • Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Pears
  • Plum
  • Papaya
  • Dragon fruit
  • Kiwi fruit


After discussing the topic that Can Bearded dragons eat ants? briefly. We shared knowledge on other topics too that How to prevent Bearded dragons from ants &What bearded dragons can eat instead of ants.

It is clear that ants are not a good option for Bearded dragons when it comes to their Health. APART from this, Bearded dragons can enjoy other insects, vegetables and fruits to fulfil their desires.

First of all, make sure a distance of ants from your pet, but in case if Bearded dragons become a victim of ants, then use above mentioned remedies to get rid of the ants.