Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apples? Bearded Dragons Food Plan

Living with pets is not an easy journey. You have to take extra precautions for your loved one. These pets are an important part of our life. And we as an owner treat them like our family. What type of food should be served to pets is a lifesaving question. IF you have a Bearded Dragon as a pet, can you make him feed fruit on daily basis? Can bearded dragon eat apple?

Well, Fortunately, Yes! Bearded dragons can eat apples on weekly basis but if you provide apples to your bearded dragons after washing carefully and by removing peels and seeds then it will work better than a  raw wild apple.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apples?

As we all know fruit has very little proportion in Bearded Dragon’s diet. There are a lot of fruits which are not allowed for feeding. But Luckily apply is one of the best option for covering fruit portion in their diet.

Bearded Dragons can eat apple but once in a week. As apple is a balloon filled with nutrients and energy. But still you can’t give it to your Bearded Dragons on regular basis. Because apple has sugar in a quite large quantity. Which is not good for your pet. More sugar will make theme obese soon. Therefore be precise in apple feeding to your bearded dragons

Can Baby Bearded Dragon eat Apple?

As we have discussed above that apple is one of the safe fruit for your pet dragon. And Yes! Baby Bearded Dragon can eat ape too but with extra care. Always remove the peel of apple and slice it into small pieces to prevent chocking in future. If you serve in this way you are making your bearded dragon happy

Nutritional Value of Apple

Following are the nutritional values of apple per 100gm

Sugar                                                     10.ogm

Water                                                     86.67gm

Energy                                                   48kcal

Calcium                                                  5mg

Magnesium                                            4mg

Phosphorous                                         11mg

Calcium to Phosphorous ratio               1:2.2

Vitamin A                                               2mg

Vitamin C                                              4mg

Through this chart you can assume why apple should not be fed to your Bearded Dragons on regular basis

Can Bearded Dragons eat Green apple?

Yes bearded dragon can eat Green apple. It only matter of color, apple in any color is full of nutrients. Green apple is more fibrous and rich in magnesium and calcium .But this difference is really very minor. So no need to be worried if you are giving the Apple to Bearded dragon in moderation and in good size

Can Bearded Dragon eat Red apple?

Yes! Bearded dragon can eat red apple too. There is no much difference between red and green apple. Both provide almost same energy. So feed your bearded dragon apple weekly without any fear. But make sure always peel out the apple before serving it either it is green apple or red.

Can Bearded Dragon eat apple peels?

No Bearded dragon should not eat apple peels .we are discussing already that always feed peeling off apple to your bearded dragons. Because peels of apple contain pesticides which is harmful for animals .It can cause poison in their body and make their health on risk . Therefore removing peel will eliminate the danger of Poison.


Can Beaded Dragon eat apple seeds?

No! Bearded dragons can’t eat apple with seeds. Seeds are hard material and can cause chocking and in serious situation can cause impaction which will lead them to illness. Impaction can block the food canal. These situation can be worsen. Therefore avoid apple with seeds. If you want to grow your pet like your family, you have to keep them. Like your family member.

Can Bearded Dragon take apple juice?

Yes! Bearded dragon can take apple in juice form too. As apple are slightly hard, it is better to chop them off while serving to your bearded dragons. Therefore you can feed apple juice to your bearded dragon too to avoid nay chocking

Health Benefits of Apple for Bearded Dragons

Following are the nutritional benefits of apple for your lovely bearded dragons

1-Rich in fiber

Fiber helps in digestion. Apple is full if fibrous nutrient and improves digestion by relieving constipation. Also apple improves motility of gut

Apple makes your hunger deprived by feeling you full.

2-Water content

Well water is an important part of our life. Apple contains a rich amount of water in it so there is no chances of dehydration among bearded dragon if you are feeding them apple as treat.

Water always maintain hydration level. Because dehydration can make your life risky

3-Vitamin A

Vitamin A in apple improves vision and prevents from night blindness. Also vitamin A improves immunity among bearded dragons

4-Vitamin C

Calcium is like an oxygen for bones. Deficiency of Vitamin C can create pain among joints and cab cause osteoporosis in the bearded dragon in early age

5- Potassium

Potassium empowers muscle and strengthens the kidney functions .Also potassium helps to regulate blood pressure.


Deficiency of Iron in the body can cause serious health issue .Iron help to improve circulation of oxygenated blood and helps in the organ function

Health risks of Apple for Bearded Dragons

1-High sugar content

As we all know the amount of sugar in apple is quietly high .Which is not suitable for bearded dragons. Because high sugar causes obesity which can lead to serious health issues like cholesterol abnormalities, cardiac issues and lungs problems.

Therefore, apple is advised only once in a week to protect from any harm in future

2- Dangerous Calcium to phosphorus ratio

Apple has 1:2.2 calcium to phosphorus ration which is not good for bearded dragons on regular basis .More phosphorus in body has ability to bind with calcium. And if becomes able to bind calcium it will become a barrier to digestion.

Also calcium deficiency will give rise to Metabolic Bone disease.

Lack of calcium inhibit kidney function and causes renal stones

How often Bearded Dragon should has apple?

As we all know, bearded dragons diet comprises only 10-15% of fruit portion. And not all fruit are safe for them. Therefore, you can serve apple once in a week to them. This will subside their thirst for fruit and sugar.

Regular food consuming can make them ill due to high sugar intake.

Always feed fresh apple, once in a week to your bearded dragon

How to feed apple to Bearded Dragon?

Feeding fruit to your pet is not harmful, until unless you are  following instructions  properly.

A question arises from the new owners of Bearded Dragon that how to serve apple to our bearded dragon.

1-always choose fresh fruit or by it from a trusted client

2-Wash the apple properly to remove the residue of any pesticides

3- Peel off the entire apple as their peel can cause disturbance in digestion, and has many pesticides.

4-remove the seeds from the apple, because seeds are toxic and cab cause impaction

5-chop the apple into small and small pieces. So that they can’t cause chocking

6- You may serve apple mash or apple juice too

Wrap up

ALTHOUGH Fruit has less proportion in bearded dragons diet, but it has important role in their life. Feed apple with right proportion and make your Bearded Dragon Healthy and wealthy