Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery? Read What We Found About Celery

Continuing the series that what bearded dragon. Can eat and what they must avoid, Today we will highlight that can Bearded dragon eat Celery?

Yes! Bearded dragons can eat celery. We have mentioned a lot of times that being omnivorous Bearded Dragons eat both meat and plants. And celery is among those favorite veggies of bearded dragons. But as celery has a high content of water and lesser nutrition factor other than veggies. We will feed celery to bearded dragons every other week, not as a staple food.

How often can Bearded Dragons have Celery?

We will serve celery only one time in a whole week to our bearded dragon. Although veggies and greens are good for bearded dragons. But as Celery has high oxalates and water content, therefore, bearded dragons can have celery once a week as a snack. Because due to high oxalates, celery may be a reason for Metabolic Bone Disease among Bearded dragons.As oxalates bind calcium and prevent it from digestion, which causes bone disease

Therefore no need to serve celery on the bearded dragon’s plate daily.

Can Baby Bearded Dragon have Celery in their diet?

A baby bearded dragon can have celery but not much. A small portion of celery once in a week could be enough for Baby bearded dragons.

As baby bearded dragon’s diet already consists of 75% protein and 25% of veggies Therefore celery is not good as it is good to serve Adult bearded dragons.

Nutritional Factors of celery:

Although celery is one of the best greens to eat but still it is not recommended much for bearded dragons. Here we will discuss the nutrition of Celery per 100 gm.

Nutrition in celery/ 100 gm.

Water                        79.5 gm.

Carbs.                        2.97gm

Sugar                         1.34gm

Lipid                           0.17 gm.

Protein                       0.69 gm.

Fiber                          1.6 gm.

Phosphate               24mg

Iron                           0.2 mg

Sodium                    80mg

Beta carotene        270 microg

Vitamin K               29.3 microg

Vitamin D               0 microg

Vitamin C              3.1mg

Now from the above chart, you can check the nutritional facts of celery and can give it to your bearded dragons according to quantity

Benefits of Celery for Bearded Dragons:

Low Sugar level

Luckily Celery has a low sugar level among them, and as we all know, sugar causes obesity and other digestive problem. Therefore celery is safe to serve to your pet dragons.

High water content

Celery has a high level of water, therefore it will prevent your bearded dragons from dehydration. But celery should be given in a limited amount.

Better Calcium to phosphate ratio

Calcium is good for bones and phosphorus helps in growth and development.

But excess of any content can cause bone disease. But fortunately, celery has the right amount of calcium to phosphorus ratio 1.6-1 .and you can feed it to your bearded dragons without any fear


Celery has a good amount of antioxidants, which regulate heart health.


Flavonoids will help to reduce inflammation.


It improves dragon’s immune system and helps in reproduction

Vitamin C

Calcium is helpful in bone growth

Vitamin A

Vitamin A improves vision and prevents night blindness

Risks of Celery for bearded dragons

If celery has huge benefits for bearded dragons it also has some cons.

High Oxalates

Although celery is one of the safest veggies to serve to bearded dragons but still it has a high oxalate ratio which is not good. Oxalates in higher quantities tend to bind calcium and resist them from absorption.

If they become unable to absorb, they give rise to Metabolic Bone disease in bearded dragons

A high content of Water

Although waster is quite good for bearded dragons if you are serving much celery to baby bearded dragons it will cause diarrhea. Overhydration.

Less calcium than other veggies

Celery has only 1.6 mg calcium which is not good. Incomparable to celery, other veggies like spinach has more calcium, therefore, you have more option than celery only for calcium supplement.

What is better, Celery stalk or leaves

Some owners of bearded dragons become confusing while feeding celery to them. Either they should serve stalk or leaves.

Well, you can serve them both stalk and leaves but it is better to serve one at a time. This means if you are serving leaves then chop them into tiny pieces and give them to bearded dragons. The same goes for stalks. But if you are planning to give both stalk and leaves then always give in a small portion.

How do I prepare Celery for my Bearded Dragon?

Preparing celery for your bearded dragons is quite simple. Here we are sharing some tips for your easiness

Wash them properly

Always purchase fresh celery from the market and give them a good wash. All pesticides present on celery will be removed after washing.


As celery has stalked and may cause chocking therefore it is better to cut the celery into very tiny pieces and serve them in the bowl to bearded dragons

Serve Raw Celery

Bearded dragons love to eat crunchy celery, therefore serve them in raw form to bearded dragons

Celery with combination

You can also add other veggies in a bowl and can sprinkle celery and serve to bearded dragons

You can add celery with Carrots, Bell peppers, Blueberries, Yellow squash, and other greens.

Wrap up

Although Celery has fewer nutrients still it has its own importance. Make your bearded dragon happy by serving them Celery every alternative week.

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