Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes? Is It Safe Food For Bearded Dragons?

Bearded Dragons can eat grapes sparingly. Because Although fruits are good for Bearded Dragons, they should be feed in a limited amount to prevent any risk

Bearded dragon’s diet Consists of 75% protein,20% Vegetables, and 5-10% of fruit. There are a lot of fruits which we can feed to them but in the case of Grapes specifically, Bearded Dragons can eat grapes in traces amount.

Here, in this article, we will explain briefly, that what kind of grapes Bearded Dragons can eat, Their feeding Schedule, the Risk and Benefits of grapes for beardies, etc

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes?

Bearded Dragons can eat Grapes Oftenly. It is ok to feed the Bearded Dragons with 1-2 grapes Once a week, but not more than that.

Although, fruits are also important for Beardies like protein(/meat) and Vegetables. But due to the high sugar in fruit, we suggest you, add them in a specific amount to the diet of Bearded Dragons So they can fulfill their desire in a Healthy Manner.

 It is necessary to determine the health condition of Bearded Dragons, before feeding them Grapes. For example, if your bearded dragons are Healthy and behaving well, then you can provide them 1-2 grapes once a week. But, if your Bearded Dragon is suffering from any health issues, then once a month is safer.

Apart from this, always confirm with your Vet, before feeding anything to your pet.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Grapes?

Yes! Bearded Dragons can eat Green Grapes, but with the above-mentioned strategies. As grapes have different varieties, but green and red grapes are most suitable for Bearded Dragons, among others.

Fruits constitute 10-15% of Bearded Dragons’ diet. Therefore, their presence in the meal will entertain the Bearded Dragons. Some beardies like to eat grapes more, So, being their owner, you can mix grapes with other foods, to prevent any risk. But most often, Bearded Dragons don’t prefer grapes. then feed them with alternate fruit to meet the desired need.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Table Grapes?

Bearded Dragons can eat table grapes and other types. It’s totally safe for dragons to possess grapes in their diet. Because Grapes even have Nutritional values which are critical for the expansion of Bearded Dragons.

But always keep check and balance on grapes quality before feeding them to your pet. Because, the fruit gets rotten fast, and if your pry eats such fruit, it’ll develop serious health issues among Bearded Dragons.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat candy Grapes?

No! Bearded Dragons Cannot Eat spun sugar Grapes. Because candy grapes have high Sugar levels and calories among them, which may ultimately cause obesity and teeth-related problems among Bearded Dragons.

Therefore, avoid candy grapes from feeding to Bearded Dragons due to their Health.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grape’s Leaves?

Yes! Bearded Dragons can eat Grape’s leaves. They’re stuffed with protein and calcium and have less amount of phosphorus in them. Therefore, Grape’s leaves don’t cause any harm to Bearded Dragons. Rather they’ll be beneficial for them.

Always wash Grape’s leaves before feeding them to the Bearded Dragons because any dust on leaves can cause respiratory problems.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grape’s Skin?

 If you’re wondering which will your Bearded Dragons eat Grape’s skin or not. Then yes sure, you’ll be able to provide grapes to your pet with skins. Because with or without skin, grapes are never harmful to Bearded Dragons if given in a limited amount.

Being an owner, it’s completely up to you to feed your pet grapes with or without skin. It’s no health risk

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grape’s Seeds?

Absolutely Not! Your Bearded Dragon cannot eat Grape’s seed, because it can cause choking, impaction, and constipation to them.

It sometimes happens, when Bearded Dragons eat seeds unintentionally, which may cause constipation and Bearded Dragon becomes unable to poop. In such a case, give your pet a warm bath that releases impaction and can facilitate poop release.

Therefore, it’s necessary to feed seedless grapes to your Bearded Dragons to avoid any complications.

Health Benefits of Grapes for Bearded Dragons:

Grapes are enriched with Nutrients. They’re healthy and safe for bearded Dragons.

Following are the Health Benefits of Grapes to Bearded Dragons.

1-High water level

Water is vital to stay your dragons hydrated. Because water has the ability to boost kidney function. Grapes are stuffed with water and so they clean kidneys and regulate bowel movements in Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons don’t need a tank of water to drink, generally, 10 ml of water is enough for a bearded dragon weighing 300 grams

Too much water will become the explanation of Diarrhea.

2-Enriched Fibers

Grapes have essential fibers in them. Fibers help in digestion and regulate gut movement.

A small quantity of fibers is required for baby and adult Bearded dragons.

3-Less Citrus

Citrus fruits are prohibited from Bearded Dragons, and grapes have low citrus acid in them. Therefore, upon eating, grapes won’t upset their stomach.


Antioxidants are present in the grape’s skin. Which lowers the risk of cardiomyopathy, reduces inflammation, and forestall your pet from hypersensitivity.

5-Carbohydrate and proteins

They both provide energy to the bearded dragons, which they lose during any physical activity

Health Risk of Grapes for Bearded Dragons:


Grapes have high sugar levels, which on excessive feeding, can cause your bearded dragon to obese

 Tooth decay may also be a reason for the High level of sugar in bearded dragons.

2- Water

As we said earlier, Grapes have high water content, therefore water above the limit can cause diarrhea among bearded dragons

3- Calcium and phosphate

Calcium is sweet for bearded dragons’ growth but oxalate and phosphate need extra caring upon feeding.

Therefore, done use these altogether, attempt to feed them separately

Avocado, spinach, celery, and lettuce are one in every one of those fruits.


From the above content, it’s clearly stated that Grapes are good for Bearded Dragons but in a limited amount. Fruits must always have been touched in their diet.

It is recommended to feed your Bearded Dragon with a small number of fruits and cut them into pieces for better indigestion

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