Can Bearded Dragons Eat Spinach?

 Spinach is from the leafy green vegetable Family. It’s full of vitamins and nutrients. Humans use it as a Health booster due to its high-power contents. But the question arises that’s Spinach good for Bearded dragons because it’s for Humans. Can Bearded Dragons Eat spinach? Is it safe for them to use?

 Here during this text, we are visiting highlight, one altogether the foremost important topics which can bearded Dragons Eat Spinach? Risks and benefits of feeding spinach to them etc.

 Can Bearded Dragons Eat Spinach?

Yes! Bearded Dragons can eat Spinach but sparingly. Although, spinach has many benefits but an excessive amount of Spinach may result in serious health issues to them.

 Spinach can be a nutrient rich green, having high no. of oxalate which creates obstacle in calcium absorption by binding calcium. Either it’s adult Bearded Dragons or a baby beardie, feed them spinach in an exceedingly limited quantity or sparingly.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Baby Spinach?

 Although both normal and baby spinach have different no. Of nutrients, still they both aren’t recommended to bearded dragons, on routine

 You can feed baby spinach too but in an exceedingly certain quantity.

 Can Bearded Dragons Raw Eat Spinach?

 Being an omnivorous, Bearded Dragons diet depends on both plants and meat. Bearded Dragons eat raw vegetables mostly, either in captivity or living in wild. But if the vegetables are hard, always cook the veggies before feeding them to beardies. Soft food might be a higher and safest option for bearded dragons. Because hard ones can cause multiple complications.

 Nutritional facts of Spinach:

 Spinach contains the following nutrients in them. This chart will give you all information that why spinach isn’t so good for your Bearded Dragons.

 Nutritional value of spinach (100gm)

 Name                                      Amount                                   Unit

 Phosphorous                         48                                            mg

 Calcium                                  97                                             mg

 Fiber                                       2.2                                             g

 Potassium                              558                                           mg

 Protein                                   2.78                                          mg

 Carbohydrates                      3.68                                          mg

 Iron                                         2.71                                          mg

Sugar                                       0.43                                           g   

Water                                      91.4                                           g

Health Benefits of Spinach for Bearded Dragons

Although Spinach isn’t often suitable for Bearded dragons if you feed them more, but somehow spinach has some nutrients which are beneficial for Beardies, if given with supervision.

 1-Low sugar Content

 As beardies aren’t keen on High sugar, because high sugar can make them obese causing rise in disease, therefore being a pet owner, you must prohibit high sugar to your Bearded dragons. As spinach has low sugar, so it’s suggested to feed the bearded dragons in low amounts.

 2- Calcium to phosphorus ratio

 Phosphorus isn’t recommended to bearded dragons, because it isn’t suitable for them in high quantity, On the alternative hand, calcium is also a much better option than Phosphorus because phosphorus binds with calcium and limits absorption in the blood.

Extreme feeding of phosphorus may result in serious health issues like Metabolic Bone Disease among the Bearded dragons. More calcium and fewer phosphorus may well be a stronger combination of spinach and safest food to for Bearded Dragons.

 3- Vitamins and minerals

 Being a health booster, spinach has complete package of vitamins and minerals

• Vitamin A= it improves eye sight of bearded dragons and stop from night blind ness

 • Vitamin C=Increase growth, and help in reproduction 

 • Vitamin k= Helpful in clotting

 • Folate= Help in tissue growth and stabilize cell functional activities.

 • Iron= oxygen flow in body

 • Fiber=make digestion process easy.

It is clearly seen that even in small portion, spinach is completely a package of nutrients.

Health Risks of Spinach for Bearded Dragons

 We have mentioned clearly that always feed your Bearded DRAGON with low amount of spinach, Because an excessive amount of spinach will become a risk for them.

 Here, we are revealing some risk of eating too spinach by Bearded Dragons.

High level of Oxalates

 The most risking factor of spinach for bearded dragons is oxalate, which causes chocking and even may end up in death. Because oxalate binds with calcium and restricts its absorption which isn’t good for health of Bearded Dragons.

 it’s better to use foods containing calcium instead of high oxalate food. Oxalate in high amount causes Metabolic Bone Disease ( MBD) Causing limb paralysis in Bearded Dragons. This can cause metabolic bone disease ( MBD), a terrible

condition within which a dragon’s limbs become warped and even paralyzed.

Following are the symptoms of paralysis, if you are feeling any , immediately contact to your vet.

• Power loss in arms or legs

• Softening of jaws

• Deviation of lips on one side

• Tremors But if you take care of your bearded dragon initially, you’ll prevent this disease.

 Vitamin A consequences:

Vitamin A is goof for both animals and Humans. Because, it prevents from hypovitaminosis and promotes eye sight. But an excessive amount of axerophthol can cause serious Health issues. Fan example

• Body swelling

• Weakness

• Power loss

• Sudden weight loss

• Dehydration

 How often it’s safe to feed your Bearded Dragon spinach?

 It is not necessary to feed spinach to your Bearded Dragon oftenly, but if you’d wish to feature spinach in their diet list, then feed them once in 2-3 months.

Take extra care of spinach before feeding, and wash them properly because sometimes spinach leaves have some tiny bugs which can be eaten by Bearded dragons, ultimately causing Health problems.