Can bearded dragons eat strawberries?

Strawberry Is one of the foremost liked fruit in the world. People often like strawberries as Delight but the question arises Can Bearded Dragons eat strawberries? Is it beneficial to feed bearded Dragons with strawberries?

 Yes! Bearded Dragons can eat Strawberries but sparingly. But why strawberries are given as a treat? Although fruits are stuffed with essential nutrients but still, they need limited contribution to Bearded Dragon’s diet.

 In this article, we’ll highlight some details on strawberries as Bearded dragon’s treat

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberries?

As strawberries have a high sugar level in them that’s why Yes Bearded dragon can eat strawberries but as an occasional treat. Because high sugar isn’t safe for beardies Health. The extreme level of sugar makes them obese and liable to other underlying diseases, like cavity and gut inflammation.

Fruits are less essential for bearded dragons than vegetables and meat. But still, they constitute some a part of their diet. There are some fruits that are good for bearded dragons like raspberries, blue barriers, bananas, and grapes. Strawberries may also be feed to bearded dragons because it is additionally enriched with nutrients.

But most of the fruits aren’t suitable for beardies and it is suggested to the pet’s owner, always check nutrients quantity in fruits before feeding to bearded dragons. Because most of the fruits have high oxalates among them which binds calcium and slows down the absorption process.

Can Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberries?

Like adult Bearded Dragons, Baby Bearded Dragons can eat strawberries too but in a limited quantity. Because baby bearded dragons need extra care and are more vulnerable to disease than adults one.

The Baby Bearded diet is completely different from the adult bearded dragon’s diet. Adult beardies rely upon 75% greens and 25% meat while baby beardies eat 75%meat and 25% greens and their 25%is made from vegetables and fruits. and that they must feed with fruits in a bit.

 Hence it’s eared that Baby Bearded Dragons can have strawberries in their diet but under great supervision

How many strawberries can Bearded Dragon eat?

Bearded Dragons can eat a low number of strawberries once a very week. Fruits are natural delights having sugar in them. For bearded dragons, high sugar food isn’t recommended in the slightest degree due to its fewer benefits and more consequences.

Apart from other fruits, strawberries have less phosphorus to calcium ratio as compared to others.

Therefore, it’s better to feed strawberries once in an exceedingly week to your bearded dragons to avoid any health complication

 Strawberries quite once a week will cause, dehydration, diarrhea, dental caries or obesity.

 Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberries seeds?

 It often seems that owners of Bearded Dragons feel hesitant while feeding them fruits having seeds. But don’t worry, seeds in strawberries don’t seem to be harmful to your pet if given moderately.

Because strawberries seeds are too small and that they cannot be stuck in food canal, causing chocking among Bearded Dragons. But extreme consumption of strawberries will disturb the stomach of Bearded Dragons.

Therefore, you’ll feed them to your pets easily.

 Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberries leave?

Yes! Strawberries leaves may be given to Bearded Dragons once in an exceedingly week. Because these leaves are stuffed with antioxidants, which are good for beardies.

 Also, Strawberries leaves help in lowering glucose, accelerate their system and also solve stool related issues

 Nutritional Facts of Strawberries

 Although fruits are enriched with nutrients. But they’re not as healthy for Bearded Dragons as they’re for individuals.

Therefore, always check their nutrients value before giving them to your Bearded Dragons.

 Here we are highlighting some important ingredients of strawberries, through which you’ll be able to determine that either strawberry could be a good option for your Bearded Dragons day after day or not.

 Nutrient per 100gm of strawberries

Name                                      Quantity                                        unit

Sugars                                     4.89                                                 g  

Phosphorus                           24                                                     mg

Calcium                                  16                                                     mg

Energy                                    32                                                     Kcal

Fiber                                       2                                                       g

Protein                                   0.67                                                 g

Carbohydrate                        7.68                                                g

Iron                                         0.41                                                mg

Magnesium                            0.386                                            mg

Benefits of Strawberries for Bearded Dragons

Although Fruits aren’t in high demand for Bearded Dragons, still their small portion is enough to meet the required need for vitamins and minerals. Strawberries are one amongst those fruits which may be served to Bearded Dragons in small quantity

 We will cover all pros of strawberries for Bearded Dragons


High water in strawberries helps in relieving constipation and improves Kidney function


Like in Humans, Carbs provides energy to Bearded Dragons too 



 play their role in fast digestion and good metabolism



 keep control of blood flow and help in vital sign regulation


Same like Humans, calcium strengthens the bone and tissues of Bearded Dragons

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

 makes their system stronger, improves vision, and helps in reproduction and growth

Concerns of Strawberries for Bearded Dragons

With every benefit, there come consequences too. As we’ve mentioned above, that fruit should be in an exceedingly limited quantity to Bearded Dragons. 

just in case of more feeding, strawberries may become harmful for them.

 Here we are going to elaborate that why you ought to not feed your Bearded Dragons with more strawberries.

High level of Sugar

As we all know strawberries are used as delight. 

it’s also used as a sweetener within the deserts. Now you’ll imagine, Sugar level within the strawberries.

High sugar may have 

the following consequences among Bearded Dragons

  • Risk of Diabetes increases
  • Becomes susceptible to dental caries
  • Fatty liver might also occur thanks to high sugar level
  • Increased sugar makes them susceptible to obesity
  • Heart failure chances increases

High water content

Fruits with high water content (60-70%) are usually restricted for Bearded Dragons. Strawberry is additionally from one among those Fruits which is enriched with water.

But if you feed them to your bearded dragons sparsely, then you’ll be able to save your beardies with complications.

Here are the following consequences of high-water content More water will increase the chances of overhydration, making way for diarrhea. And diarrhea will result in dehydration to Bearded Dragons.

Although bearded dragons can bear dehydration, long-term dehydration will cause significant health issues among them Therefore, keep high water content fruit off from your pet or feed them moderately.

Phosphorous to calcium Ratio

Calcium plays a very important role in bone strengthening. Calcium also makes a crucial part in Bearded Dragon’s diet. it’s stated make a low portion in their meal always.

 On the opposite hand, phosphorus is additionally important for Bearded Dragons but it must be feed but calcium. Better to allow in calcium to phosphorous ratio in 2:1

. Why it is said that phosphorous is harmful to your pet, Because more phosphorous will bind calcium within the body and can slows down the method of absorption

Also, less calcium will develop Metabolic Bone Diseases (MBD), which may be a bone deformative disease, causing paralysis and deformation.

 How to serve strawberries to Bearded Dragons

 Feeding strawberries to bearded dragons require little effort.

  • Wash strawberries with extra care to get rid of pesticides from it
  • Cut into small pieces so they can not cause choking in beardies
  • Serve these pieces alone or with other veggies in a very bowl to Bearded Dragons


 It is concluded from the above discussion, that feeding strawberries In moderate quantity are beneficial for Bearded Dragons.

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