Can Bearded Dragons Eat Zucchini? Bearded Dragons Feeding Guide

Continuing the series that what bearded can eat or not. We will discuss that Can Bearded Dragon Eat Zucchini?
Yes! Bearded Dragon can have zucchini moderately but in moderation. Things that make zucchini a bad choice for bearded dragons are their high phosphate and low calcium ratio. Also, Zucchini can cause Metabolic Bone disease.
Zucchini doesn’t have only health concerns, it also has some benefits for bearded dragons.
Let’s have a look at the entire characteristics of zucchini for bearded dragons

Can bearded dragons eat zucchini?

Bearded dragon’s diet depends on 75% on plants. Most greens are valuable for bearded dragons but unfortunately, zucchini is not one of them
Yes! Bearded dragons can eat zucchini but often. Because zucchini is full of water and has fewer nutrients containing as compared to other vegetables. So you can use an alternative veggie for your bearded dragons rather than zucchini when it comes to the nutritional benefits

Can Baby Bearded Dragon Eat Zucchini?

Baby Bearded dragon’s diet is contrary to adult ones and depends only 25% on vegetables. And zucchini is not as nutritional as other veggies. And baby dragons need more nutrition to grow. Although you can serve zucchini to your baby beardies it must be in a minimal amount

Nutrition Value of Zucchini for Bearded Dragons

Zucchini per 100 gram contains following nutrition
Protein     0.4 gram
Energy     316 calories,
Fiber        0.1 gram
Water      14.8 grams
Calcium    3.36 milligram
Carbohydrate is 0.4 gram
Fiber            0.1 gram
Potassium    73 milligram
Magnesium   5.2 milligram
Phosphorous14.9 milligram
Iron                0.2 milligram
Vitamin D      0 microgram
Vitamin K       23g
Vitamin C       5.4mg
Vitamin D is     0.6mg
This table clearly shows that Zucchini is not many nutritionists like other green vegetables i.e. Green collard

Health Benefits of Zucchini for Breaded Dragons

A minimal amount of Zucchini is enough to provide the required amount of nutrients
1-Fibrous Green
Zucchini is a fibrous veggie and these soluble fibrous are good for digestion in bearded dragon
Antioxidants in zucchini reduce inflammation
3-low oxalate level
Luckily, zucchini has a low level of oxalates which reduces the chances of calcium-binding and prevents metabolic bone disease
Potassium promotes the regulation of blood pressure

It aids in metabolism
6- Thiamine
Thiamine maintain nervous tissue
7-Vitamin A
A prevents eye-related issues and improves vision.
8-Vitamin C
Vitamin C plays a key role in Immune system health
9-Vitamin B6
B6 boosts the immune system

Health Risks of Zucchini for Bearded Dragons

As we have mentioned that zucchini must not be consumed on regular basis. Here we will figure out the reason
1-Low calcium
Bearded dragon needs high calcium to grow while zucchini has less amount of calcium, which is not good for bearded dragons bone growth
2-High water content
Zucchini has a high level of water, which is not good for bearded dragons as it can cause diarrhea among them
Due to pesticides and some other factors, zucchini can be toxic for your bearded dragons. It is better to test them before feeding to your pet. its taste is bitter it means zucchini is having cucurbitacin. Poisonous zucchini cause serious health issue

4-less nutrients
Apart from other green vegetables, zucchini is less nutrient, therefore, must be given in a little amount or maybe not

Can Bearded Dragons eat Zucchini Flowers?

Yes! Bearded Dragons can eat zucchini flowers because they are edible. Cut the flowers and mix them with salad.

Can Bearded Dragon eat zucchini leaves?

Yes! Bearded dragons can eat zucchini leaves but make sure these leaves must be from young plants. Old plant leaves are dangerous for their health.
Also, wash the leaves carefully to remove all pesticides from it

Can Bearded dragons eat zucchini Seeds?

No! Seeds must not be served to bearded dragons, because it can cause choking and lead to some fatal issues.

Can bearded dragons eat raw zucchini?

Yes! The bearded dragon must have raw zucchini. Because zucchini is already less nutrient than other greens, and if we will cook, it will lose its remaining nutrients. Therefore raw zucchini is a good choice for Bearded Dragon

How often can Bearded Dragon have zucchini?

Zucchini is unfortunately less nutrient vegetable than others. Therefore it must be served in a minimal amount.
Bearded dragons can have zucchini once a month or maybe two times. But don’t accede from this quantity. Because it is not beneficial for bearded dragons due to its high water content, High phosphorus to calcium ratio, and presence of cucurbitacin
Feed zucchini to your bearded dragons one time a month in moderation

How to serve Zucchini to Bearded Dragon?

Serving food is an art. And if it is for your loving pet, then the artist must be careful while preparing food
Here are some tips to serve zucchini to your bearded dragon
1- Always select fresh zucchini. It is better to taste, if it is bitter leave it there and choose a fresh one
2-Select ripped zucchini to reduce chances of stomach ache in bearded dragon
3- Wash the zucchini very well to remove all pesticides and toxic particles from it
4- Remove the skin and seeds of zucchini as they both can cause chocking
5- Cut the zucchini into little pieces so that bearded dragons can chew or swallow them easily
6- You can serve zucchini flowers and leaves too to your bearded dragon
7- Feed the zucchini lonely or mix it with other fruits or salad


Bearded dragons are easy to go pet. They need little attention. Therefore, being an owner you must be careful about their food. Bearded dragon cab eat zucchini but in a little amount to prevent any health risks.

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