Can conures live with parakeets

Parakeets and Conures are kinds of parrots. This blog post will help you understand if Parakeets and Conures can live together. It will also share information on which parrots make good friends for these pets. Let’s find out if your parakeet and conure can be buddies. So Can conures live with parakeets?

Can conures live with parakeets?

It’s not a good idea. Green cheek conures, like the green cheek conure, are bigger than budgies and have strong beaks. Green cheeks can be a bit moody, and a budgie might get caught up in their mood swings.

Parakeets are small, friendly birds, while conures are larger and can be a bit bossy. Conures might not play nicely with parakeets.

If you really want them together, watch them closely. Keep an eye on their interactions to make sure everyone stays safe. But remember, it’s usually better to keep them in separate homes to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Can Parakeets and Conures Share a Cage?

No, it’s not a good idea. Don’t put them together. Parakeets really like to socialize, and they might bother the bigger but shyer Conures.

When Parakeets tease Conures a lot, the Conures might get mad and be mean. That’s not good because the Conures can hurt or even kill the Parakeet.

Parakeets can also be a bit greedy with food. They might keep the food to themselves and not let other birds, like Conures, eat.

If Parakeets act this way, it can make Conures upset and aggressive. Conures are quite territorial, and they might get loud and even attack other birds in their cage if they feel it’s their space.

Plus, Parakeets and Conures have different eating habits. Parakeets eat a normal amount, but Conures are big eaters. So, it’s better to keep them in separate cages to avoid problems and keep everyone happy.

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Differences in Personalities: Parakeets and Conures

Parakeets and Conures have different personalities that may not mix well when they live together. Here’s why:

Food Access Trouble:

  • A Conure, being larger, can scare a Parakeet and stop it from eating. The Parakeet might only feel safe to eat when the Conure is not looking.

Not Cage Buddies:

  • Even though they like being around other birds, it’s not a good idea to keep Parakeets and Conures in the same cage. The big Conure might find the small Parakeet’s playful nature too much and use its strong beak to get rid of it.

Different Temperaments:

  • Parakeets and Conures have very different personalities:
    • Parakeets are smart and easy to teach tricks.
    • They love to play and sometimes be a bit naughty.
    • When upset, Parakeets chirp or make noise.
    • Parakeets enjoy being close to other birds.
    • Conures are also clever but might not want to learn tricks.
    • They are loving but really like having their own space.
    • When stressed or upset, Conures can get aggressive.
    • They don’t always want other birds near them.

So, even though Parakeets and Conures might like being around each other, it’s safer and happier for them to have their own separate spaces.

Which Birds Can Live with Conures?

If you’re thinking about friends for your conure, it’s good to know which birds can get along with them. Conures can be happy with birds like other conures or small parrots. Just make sure the new friends are similar in size and personality, so everyone can have a good time together. Always keep an eye on them to make sure they’re getting along well.

Conures can generally get along well with the following birds:

Other Conures:

  • Conures of similar size and species often make great companions for each other.

Small Parrots:

  • Birds like Lovebirds, Parrotlets, and Budgies can be compatible with conures, provided they have similar temperaments.


  • Cockatiels are medium-sized parrots that can make good cage mates for conures, especially if they have a similar disposition.

Quaker Parrots:

  • Quakers, also known as Monk Parakeets, are medium-sized parrots that may get along well with conures.


  • Caiques are playful and energetic parrots that can match the energy of conures.

Pionus Parrots:

  • Some species of Pionus parrots can be suitable companions for conures, provided their temperaments align.

Remember, individual bird personalities vary, so it’s essential to introduce them gradually and observe their interactions to ensure a harmonious living environment. Always monitor them closely, especially during the initial stages of introduction.

What birds can live with parakeets?

Parakeets are friendly birds and can happily live with other small feathered pals. Here are some bird buddies that usually make great companions for parakeets:

Cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus):

  • Cockatiels, like parakeets, are from Australia, and they often get along well, sharing a cheerful living space.

Zebra Finches (Taeniopygia guttata):

  • These Australian birds, known as Zebra finches, usually make good friends with parakeets, creating a lively and colorful aviary.

Other Small Parrots and Lorikeets:

  • Many small parrots and lorikeets can be friendly neighbors for parakeets, adding variety and joy to the flock.

It’s essential to introduce new bird friends gradually and keep an eye on how they interact. With the right companions, your parakeet can enjoy a vibrant and happy aviary!