Can You Touch a Newly Hatched Baby Parakeet?

When you have a baby parakeet in your new cage, it’s a very joyful moment for every parakeet’s owner. At this moment, It’s a decision-making question can you touch a newly hatched baby parakeet?.

Can You Touch a Newly Hatched Baby Parakeet?

Well, Parakeets are not like Other pets like cats. When a baby cat is born if you touch them then cats abandon their baby cats. After that, you need to take care of them, like feeding them, taking them out and in, etc. But the parakeet’s parents are not like that. If you touch or take on your hand then it won’t make any issues.

Parakeets don’t have suffocation from touching their babies. They don’t get it wrong if you touch baby parakeets that are newly born. But you have to make sure when you touch baby parakeets then parent parakeets feel safe that you are touching their baby. So it’s safe if you touch them.

Is it OK to touch a baby budgie?

Is it okay to touch a baby budgie? Baby budgies are fragile and can get sick easily if we touch them. It’s best not to touch them unless it’s really necessary. That does not mean it’s not safe.

When we touch them, we might give them germs that can make them sick. Baby budgies have weak bodies and may have a hard time fighting off infections. So, it’s important to keep them healthy by not touching them too much.

But, there are times when we might need to touch them. For example, if a baby budgie is hurt or in danger, we may have to help them. Before touching them, we should wash our hands well to make sure we don’t give them any germs.

Budgies like to be with people, but we should let them decide when to be touched. If they come to us and seem happy, then it’s okay. But if they look scared or uncomfortable, we should leave them alone.

it’s better not to touch a baby budgie unless we really have to. We should always be careful and keep them clean and healthy. If we do need to touch them, we should be gentle and make sure they’re comfortable. That way, we can make sure they stay happy and well.

When should I start handling my parakeets?

It’s best not to touch them until they are two weeks old. After that, when you’re cleaning their home, you can gently lift them from their nest. Be super careful because baby birds are really delicate. Don’t worry too much – most pet budgies’ parents won’t get upset or leave their chicks just because you touched them.