Cat Spiral Staircase: Best Cat Spiral Staircase in 2021

Cats enjoy tearing up and down the steps (depending upon your cat, his age, and his energy level). This is an excellent option to get some exercise. Cats also enjoy the vertical advantage that steps provide, especially if they can view what’s below from a vantage point. The Cat Spiral Staircase is a one-of-a-kind piece of cat furniture that may be used as a column for running up and down. It helps your kitty to meet her natural climbing instincts.

7 Best Cat Spiral Staircase of 2021

Spiral Cat Staircase

This nicely designed product is built of birch plywood, aluminium alloy, and stainless steel components, and it has a nice modern interior decorating as well as a natural and simple style. Jute rope is stretched around the reinforced support planks, which also serve as scratching posts.

The Cat Spiral Staircase is a modular piece of cat furniture that requires only a screwdriver to install and disassemble. It has a sturdy foundation and can be screwed directly into a wall, unlike a standard spiral staircase, which must be fixed to both the ceiling and the floor. Both old cats and kittens can easily move up and down the steps thanks to the right distance between them.

Why your cat will love this cat spiral staircase?

– In any room, it serves as a great focus point.

– Platforms are designed to suit any cat, from kitten to elderly.

– Stability is ensured by the stainless steel support pillar.

– 16 birch wood platforms spiral to an overall height of 82 5/8″ with aluminium trim.

– All platforms are covered with non-slip black mats.

– The Staircase can be secured to the wall with screws at the top of the pillar if required.

– Two supports made of birch wood. Please notice that these supports are no longer wrapped in jute as seen in the photo; instead, they are varnished smooth wood.


Materials: birch plywood, aluminium alloy, stainless steel parts

Platforms are covered in Espresso carpeting.

Weight: 50 lbs.


– 82-5/8″ in height

– Dimensions of the platform: 23-5/6″ x 10-3/16″

– Overall Diameter (Assembled): 27-9/16″

– Dimensions of the base: 23 5/8″ x 23 5/8″

Modern Cat Spiral Staircase

These amazing spiral cat spiral staircase were developed by actual cat enthusiasts who took into consideration every aspect of how cats climb when creating them. Milly Fitcat was founded in Chicago since their cat Milly required a spiral stairway to replace one she no longer had access to after the family relocated. This final gorgeous design is now accessible for cats all over the world, following multiple prototypes.

The design excludes carpet, making it easy to clean and giving it a sleek modern appearance. You might put little bits of non-slip material to the steps while still maintaining a pleasant appearance. This cat spiral staircase is available in four different sizes: 9-steps at 43 inches tall, 12-steps at 55 inches tall, 15-steps at 67 inches tall, and 18-steps at 79 inches tall. A 3-step extension kit that allows you to tailor the height is also available. The maximum stability is provided by a weighted base.

This design appeals to me, but cats, on the other hand, adore it. The spacing between the stairs (4′′) and the width of the steps (12′′) were carefully considered to make it easy for cats to climb up and down. The big platform on top, shaped like a cat head and with a yin-yang design for the eyes, is clearly a sought-after location.

Reviews of this product


ON JANUARY 24, 2021

This trendy spiral cat tree is very brilliant! Very appealing, with a lot of consideration put into the dimensions and design, and clearly cat-friendly. A larger top platform is something I’d like to see. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!


ON FEBRUARY 15, 2021

What a lovely design. I could imagine it is especially handy for an older cat who still wants to climb but can’t jump as high as he used to.

I prefer little sections of carpet on each stair, as suggested by others, and would install them personally if I purchased one. They stated on their website that they eliminated carpet for the convenience of washing, which I understand. However, cats can slip on such slick surfaces, and the spiral form may prevent a falling cat from securely repositioning before landing.

Modular Cat Spiral Staircase

The cat spiral staircase is a modular product that requires only a screwdriver to install and disassemble. It has a sturdy foundation and can be screwed directly into a wall, unlike a standard spiral staircase, which must be fixed to both the ceiling and the floor. Both old cats and kittens can easily move up and down the steps thanks to the right distance between them. Several sets of spiral staircases connected with aisles can be constructed into a multi-functional cat tower to expand cat-activity rooms.

Birch plywood, aluminium alloy, jute rope, and stainless steel pieces are among the materials used.
210cm/ 82-11/16″ tall
Full Diameter : 70 cm/ 27- 9/16”
Dimensions od Base: 60 x 60cm/ 23- 5/8”x23- 5/8”

Melody Jane Dollhouse Cat Spiral Staircase

• Metal 1:12 scale – fits 22.85cm ceiling = 9 inch, which may be reduced or increased by adding or removing stairs – Each step is 19mm tall, which equals 3/4 inch. – Assembly is required.

• To complete the kit, you’ll need basic tools, such as a modelling knife, a small file, and drill bits. Super Glue, Epoxy Resin, or solder can be used to assemble the kit. Each kit of cat spiral staircase comes with complete instructions.

PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps

• EASY TO REPLACE: Easily remove your current fabric coverings and replace them with high-traction treads; the treads’ adhesive on the back makes installation a breeze.

– NO SLIPPING: High-traction treads allow your best companion to get on and off furniture with confidence.

– COLOR: Black is an option.

– COMPATIBLE PET STEPS: The PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps are compatible with these high-traction treads.

Foldable Pet Steps/Stairs Made in the USA

• Relieve Joint Pain: Make it easier for your pet to go to that high bed or couch! It’s made with mattress-grade cushioning to ease pressure on paws and joints.

• Space-saving Design: It’s easily collapsible, so you can store it when you don’t need it. Keep it in a closet or beneath the bed!

• Take It With You: It’s light and portable, so you can easily move from room to room or take it on your next trip!

• Home Decor: Choose from various colours and patterns to complement your pet’s appearance and personality! Each stair cover is detachable and machine washable for further convenience.

• Dependable Quality: Made in the United States with premium-grade materials and CertiPUR-US Certified foam for long-term durability.

Pet Stairs & Steps Made in the United States

• Relieves Stress: Our stairwells are ideal for assisting pets in reaching a high bed or couch. To conveniently match the height of your furniture, we offer 3-step, 4-step, and 5-step combinations.

• Promotes Pet Health: Mattress-grade cushioning relieves pressure on the paws and joints.

• Save time: Each stair cover is machine washable and detachable. No more scrubbing dirt and fur off by hand.

• Personalize Your Home: Choose from four elegant patterns and eight colours to fit your home’s style.

• Dependable Quality: Made in the United States with premium-grade materials and CertiPUR-US Certified foam for long-term durability.

PETMAKER Folding Plastic Cat Spiral Staircase

Made of robust and durable plastic- These stairs will endure a long time and can be simply cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. For years to come, they’ll appear brand new.
Added Safety Features  – The built-in side rails keep your pet safe, while the non-slip foam cushions protect both your pet and your floors. Back felt step covers provide of this cat spiral staircase is superior traction for your pet, and the snap-lock function prevents the stairs from collapsing while in use.

Great for Travel – Purchase an extra set so you can have one at home and one in your vehicle for travelling.

These folding, small steps fit easily in the closet, beneath furniture, or in the trunk of your car when folded.

Product Specifications – Small and medium-sized pets are recommended. Can hold a pet weighing up to 120 pounds. Dimensions: 22.5 inches (length) x 15 inches (width) x 19.5 inches (height) when set up, 29 inches (length) x 15 inches (width) x 5 inches (height) when collapsed (Height) TAN COLOR. 

How to build spiral staircase for cat?

Using the quick square, measure a 45-degree angle on the end of one 2-by-8 board. Make a pencil mark on it. Rep the previous step on the opposite end of the first board. Repeat Step 2 with both ends of a second 2-by-8 board.

Cut all four ends of the two 2-by-8 boards with the circular saw at the angles you marked in step 1. Sand all of the rough areas.

For your stairs, measure the remaining board. Eight inches deep is plenty for cat stairs. For the length of the board, measure and mark every 8 inches. You’ll have measured 14 flights of steps.

To cut the stairs, use a circular saw. You can ensure two additional steps as storage for your cats to perch on. Sand all of the rough areas.

Decide where you want your stairwell to be. It’s preferable to create them in a workshop and temporarily install them at the same angle they’ll be in your area if you wish to hang them. Make sure you have enough room to manoeuvre your project because you’ll be attaching the steps from the outside of the longboards. You should attach only one longboard first. After you finish attaching all of the stairs to the first board, you’ll attach the second board.

Measure 6 inches from the ground and make a note of it. For cat stairs, a 6-inch rise is sufficient.

Using the level, check the position of your board.

Attach the first stair to the board with the power screwdriver. For best stability, place a screw every 2 inches.

Add another 6 inches to your measurement.

Steps 7 and 8 should be repeated.

Until you join all of the stairs to the first board repeat steps 9 and 10.

Install the second board so that each step is flush with it.

As in step 8, secure all stairs to the second board.

Paint or stain the boards and steps to match the rest of your home’s decor.

That’s how you can build a cat spiral staircase for your cat.


• To match your decor, Add carpet, treads, or even thick fabric.

Allow your cats to climb to their favourite cat-friendly shelf by securing it to the wall.


• Keep tools out of reach of children.

When using a circular saw, always use safety equipment.


Do cats like spiral staircases?

Cats adore spiral staircases.

The fourteen cats Peter has rescued over the years use and love the new installations, but Peter also enjoys the added intrigue they bring to his house. They undoubtedly offer “unique interior design” a whole new meaning.

Is it true that a cat spiral staircase saves space?

Spiral staircases were created primarily to save space on the floor. Spiral stairwells take up less room than traditional stairwells. This is because, regardless of height, all of the steps contained inside the spiral’s diameter.