Best Cat Tunnels 2021, Cat behavior with Tunnels

Best Cat Tunnels 2021

Cats love to hide here and there. That’s why your must-have cat tunnels on your list simply. Sometimes when your pet wants to just play or afraid of something it may hide. Some cats like to be concealed at the time of sleeping to be warm and safe feeling. Other than this reason, playtime is a very important necessity for kittens. And a cat tunnel ensures them the incentive they require by letting them play, peek, hide and seek.

There are many cat tunnels out there, you can try offering your cat one of them. It is good to give lots of options to your cat like a confined cat bed. Andor letting your kitten nestle under the covers. A fabric cat tunnel is a good option to buy from your local pet product store in that case. Few tunnels have peep holes so kittens can pop out right through them. Depending on your budget or size of your room, you can have tunnels with different styles and lengths. You can also make cat tunnel of your own using paper bags, only cut together bases and tape several bags. To upgrade the balance, wrap a cuff on both end of the paper bags before sticking them together. This will help them stick together. Prolonged boxes is very useful make great tunnels. Everyone knows the love of cats for boxes!

Cat Tunnels for Fun and play

You can increase the Increase the fun element of playtime of your cat by engaging her in interactive playtime adding a tunnel on the floor. And In this way your cat will have an additional hiding place to be unseen to their prey waiting for the best time to ambush. You can also place a cat toy inside it increase the interest of your cat. It will be really interesting for your cat to playing with the prey inside a paper bag tunnel.

For single playing, you can put a puzzle feeder or alluring toy inside for your cat to discover while you are out.
Adding a tunnel is a very effective way to flare up that spark and bring back your cats lost interest to play if it happened so.

Tunnels for Secure feeling

In a household with multiple cats or if your cat is fearful there is matter of worry, then set tunnels in different rooms. In such way, a cat will not feel exposed while wandering the room.

When you bought a new cat in your home and she is scared about her new environment you can buy a tunnel to help her feel safe and comfortable. If she likes to hide under the bed or in the wardrobe or other places in the room, set tunnels leading to her favorite places. Place a tunnel going straight to the food bowl. Also place another to the litter box.

Tunnels for Cat Naps

During a nap if your cat likes to be hidden but doesn’t like sleeping in a covered bed, she may love to stretch out in a tunnel.
Tips for Choosing a Cat Tunnel:

  1.  The color of the tunnel isn’t a matter of concern to cat, you can buy a tunnel which would look nice my decor
  2. Size and shape of the tunnel should be such that your cat can easily enter, exit and walk through the tunnel.
  3. You should make sure that the tunnel isn’t too long and fit to your home.
  4. Ensure the tunnel is made of soft fabric for comfortable sleep and doesn’t include any rough material that can cause scratching. Also, check if the tunnel is too heavy. Tunnels made of heavy materials is difficult to shift or move.
  5.  It’s better to look for extra features like attached toys to the openings or one or more windows in the middle.

At last it can be said that, cat tunnels is a magnificent way to enrich the environment for cats.

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