How BIG do Bearded Dragons get? Bearded Dragons Growth Chart

If you are planning to keep a pet, you must be aware of their every inch. It means you must know their feeding schedule, habitat, likes, dislikes, and growth rate. If you are a pet shop to buy Bearded Dragon, you should ask every detail to the shopkeeper about their growth life. You should know that How Big Do Bearded Dragon can get? So that you can adjust their Baskin according to their size. On a bit of note, a bearded baby dragon grows 3-4 inches compared to an adult bearded dragon who grows 1-2 inches per month.

Well, This article will cover all the essential things related to bearded dragon size and growth.

How BIG do Bearded Dragons get?

Bearded Dragons sizes vary according to their gender and age. The question,” How Big do Bearded Dragon get?” has a simple answer. In their early life period, the Bearded dragon grows like a Rabbit, and in their late adulthood, it develops like a turtle. Being a baby, bearded dragons enjoy rapid growth of 3-4 inches per month and become fully grown of 16-24 inches at 12 months. 

This article will cover all the essential things related to bearded dragon size and growth.

Size Of Bearded Dragons according to their age

Every living organism grows in its size, either it is Human, plant or animal. Bearded dragons also increase in size with their growing age. 

Age                              Size

One month                3-4 inches

Two months              5-8 inches

Three months           8-10 inches

Four months             9-12 inches

Five months              10-15 inches

Six months                11-17 inches

Eight months            13-20 inches

12 months                 17-24 inches

Through this chat, you can see that Bearded Dragons increase at an early Age while their growth rate becomes slow at a later age. We will explain it further

Juvenile Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragon of aged 2-7 months is called Juvenile whose weight is probably 8gm to 280gms, and they grow with 1-3″ per month rate.  

At this age, they overgrow. Being an owner, you must take extra care of their nutrition. and keep them distant from adult bearded dragons to prevent them from dominancy

Baby Bearded Dragon 

Baby Bearded dragons are of Age 7-10 months with a weight of 5-35gms. Their growth rate is slightly slower than juveniles. They grow 1-1.5 inches per month. 

Keep the focus on their diet as doctors have warned that improper diet can slow down their growth rate.

Adult Bearded Dragon

A fully grown Bearded dragon is of 1 year has a length of 16-24 inches 

At this age, their weight is between 380- 510gms.

Slow growth may be because of low diet as the adult bearded dragon eat less than baby ones.

How BIG do Female Bearded Dragons get?

Not only age, but Bearded dragons size differs according to genders too. For example, A male Bearded Dragon is comparatively more prominent than the female one.

Male bearded dragons with total growth have 16–24-inch length, while female bearded dragons of Age 1 year are usually only 16-19 inches tall. 

But the female Bearded dragons is wider than its opposite gender. Also, Female has a less slim tale and lesser sized head than Male bearded dragon.


Factors Influencing Bearded Dragons growth rate

Well, Bearded dragons will grow in any circumstances, but some factors can maximize or minimize their growth rate.

Factors maximizing growth rate of Bearded Dragons


It is clear from the above description that male Bearded dragons are larger than their female fellows.

Well, how will you identify that your Bearded dragon is male or female?

Here is the tip, males are with larger heads while females have a smaller and thinner skull.

And you can also differentiate between both by looking at their underside. The male bearded dragon has two bumps above the slit between his back legs called Hemipenile bulges.

The female beardies have a single bump behind the slit on her tail.

This difference can be the spot when your bearded dragon reaches the age of 8-10 months old. 


Like Humans, Genetics also influence the growth of Bearded Dragons. For example, dragons who have parents of larger size will have a good height.

They will inherit the properties of their parents


Diet is a substantial part of the life of an animal or Human.

A balanced diet will always boost up the growth rate. Bearded dragons of different ages have different diet plans.

Baby Bearded dragons diet depends 75% on protein or meat and 25% on plants and greens.

Adult Bearded dragons will consume 75% greens and 25% meat or protein.

Their diet can influence their growth rate so. It is better to learn about their dietary schedule to overcome any issue in future.


At the start, Bearded dragons feel shy at their new home, but with time, they become familiar with their basking fellows.

One thing more, place the Beardies in that enclosure which is larger than the bearded dragon’s size. Space will allow them to grow ideally. 

Health care

Proper diet, light and temperature will grow your Bearded dragon well, but still, you have to supervise them critically. Good health makes their growth possible. The healthy bearded dragon will reach a specific size fast than the sick one. If you find any issue regarding health, plan a visit to your vet ASAP.


Factors that slow down the Growth rate of Bearded dragon

Improper UVB lightening and temperature

As Bearded Dragons are from Australian deserts, they need temperature and light according to the desert. Therefore, you have to provide the same environment to the Baskin.

There is a UVB lightning bulb that is designed explicitly for Bearded dragons Baskin.

Low light will slow down their growth rate because they become unable to absorb Calcium properly in darkness.

The same goes for temperature. A hot temperature tank will boost the digestion process and increase the growth of Bearded dragons, therefore keeping the temperature between 80-110 Fahrenheit during days and 70 Fahrenheit at night.

Early Brumation

Brumation is a process in which Bearded down in winters goes into a long sleep and eats less to save their energy for good summer days.

But for baby bearded Dragons, brumation is risky. If you notice any symptoms of brumation in your baby bearded dragons, talk to your vet on an urgent basis.


Healthy Bearded dragons achieve their growth fast, while sick ones are not able to reach their target.

Sometimes, bearded dragons get sick due to improper food containing giant insects or parasites. While eating this food, they developed a disease that was not suitable for their growth.

Always check the food before serving it to the Bearded dragons

If your Bearded dragon is getting sick day by day, you should take him to the vet for proper treatment.

Wrap Up of Bearded Dragon growth

A healthy Bearded dragon of 12 months of age will grow between 16 to 24 inches. This growth will influence different factors like proper diet, temperature, lighting and health care. 

For better growth, always consider the following things

1- Always give a balanced diet (protein+ veggies+ fruit) to your Bearded Dragon according to their age

2- Keep your Bearded Dragon in a larger tank to prevent suffocation

3- Arrange proper light bulb of UVB in the Baskin 

4- Keep the temperature according to the requirements of the Bearded dragon’s body

5- Take care of their health and visit the vet for regular checkups

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