How to incubate parakeet eggs at home

Godday Budgerigar :). I have been researching how we can grow our parakeet family. I have read a lot of it. After that, I can see there are two ways you can grow the family. So finally I have found the answer to How to incubate parakeet eggs at home.

Before we go with deeper thought. The first question came to my mind when I was researching. That is…

Can you incubate parakeet eggs?

Yes, you can incubate parakeet eggs. Other spices like parakeets, they do incubate their eggs. But as Parakeet is a pet we need to follow a good way to do it. So now we can return to our main question.

How to incubate parakeet eggs at home?

Two ways you can incubate parakeets eggs. First by helping parakeets to do it naturally or  using an incubator.

Before trying the incubator we will try to make the parakeet do it naturally.

How to tell a parakeet to incubate eggs?

For telling parakeets incubating eggs, you have to make the situation and places. First of all, you have to provide a nest box in the cage. So when a parakeet has eggs in the nest box it will be the first step. If you do not provide a nest box then she is not going to incubate them. you have to choose a good nest box for that. if your parakeets laying eggs on the floor then it not gonna work for incubating parakeet eggs. You may check out some suggested nest boxes here.

When your parakeet is sitting on her eggs, it’s important to let her be. Don’t bother her because if the eggs get cold, they won’t grow into baby parakeets. Get her a cozy nest box and let her have her space.

Parakeets, like parrots, prefer to have their nests in quiet and private spots. Baby parakeets are born helpless, so they need to stay warm and safe. If you bother or stress out your parakeet, she might leave the nest. It’s like if you change her nest, she won’t like it. She needs to pick her nest when she’s ready to lay eggs again. Be patient and let her do her thing.

How to incubate parakeet eggs using an incubator?

Here’s a simple guide on how to use an incubator to hatch parakeet eggs at home.

First, make sure the eggs are in good shape and could become baby parakeets. Then, place the eggs gently in the incubator, which is like a warm and cozy nest. Keep the temperature and humidity just right, similar to how a mother parakeet would. Wait patiently, and soon you might see little baby parakeets hatching! Remember, be gentle and careful when handling the eggs and the incubator. Happy hatching.

You may check out the Suggested incubator here

What temperature do parakeet eggs incubate at?

To help parakeet eggs grow into baby parakeets, keep them warm at the right temperature. The best temperature for incubating parakeet eggs is around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, which is like our human body temperature.

Just like a cozy nest, the eggs need a bit of warmth, but not as hot as a bird’s normal body temperature, which is about 104 degrees Fahrenheit. So, remember to keep it warm but not too hot when you’re helping the eggs develop. 

Do I need a male parakeet with a female parakeet for hatching eggs?

Do I have to have a boy and a girl parakeet to make eggs hatch? In the wild and when birds are trying to have babies, laying eggs is something they do during certain times of the year. But, even if you have a pet girl parakeet without a boy around, she might still lay eggs. The thing is, these eggs won’t have baby parakeets inside them, so even if you try to hatch them, nothing will happen.


In conclusion, the journey to expanding our parakeet family has been enlightening. After thorough research and exploration, we’ve discovered two main ways to grow the family: allowing parakeets to incubate eggs naturally or using an incubator.