Why are my parakeets fighting? How to stop them?

Parakeets are one of the beautiful creations on earth. They are adorable enough to attract others. By nature, they are friendly and instantly make good relation with their owners. But sometimes they show weird behavior and their owner becomes suspected that why my parakeets are fighting. There may be various reasons because Like humans, they also show emotions, either it is of anger or calmness, sadness or happiness. Their owner recognizes their feeling in different ways. For example, when they are happy, they start mimicking someone or start talking. On sad mode they used becomes silent. On the other hand, they become aggressive easily and start fighting even on small matters like food, toys, or even female parakeets.

Are My Parakeets Fighting or Playing? 

Why are my parakeets fightingWhy are my parakeets fighting

Sometimes playing and fighting between parakeets can look similar. There are many signs to keep an eye out for. If one bird is regularly fleeing from another or pecking at the foot of another, it’s time to step in and take a closer look.  

To tell if a budgie is fighting or playing, you’ll need to know the differences between aggression and play. It might be difficult to spot hostility in a budgie at first because they are typically quite energetic, loud, and physically active without being aggressive. 

So, you how can you tell if my parakeets are playing or why are my parakeets fighting! 

Let’s start with a comparison of the two sorts of behavior.    

Aggressive Bird Signs

Raised Wings – An enraged bird raises his “fists” in preparation for a fight. Hissing – This sound is intended to scare others away.  

Biting Feet – It is an act of aggressiveness when one bird pecks at the feet of another bird. Forcibly removing a bird from his perch is a common practice. This isn’t something budgies do when they’re just having a good time.  

Chasing – When a bird chases another bird around frequently, it is almost always aggressive behavior.  

Protecting Resources – It’s probably not a kind gesture if one budgie goes out of his way to prevent another budgie from eating or drinking for an extended time.  

Defending a Perch – This is a sign that your birds are overcrowded, and it might result in a serious battle.  

Screaming and Loud Squawking – When you hear a bird squawk or scream, it’s usually a sign that a conflict is going on.  

 Wrestling on the Floor — If not stopped quickly, this activity will almost certainly result in harm; it indicates a major struggle.  


The Friendly behavior of the Budgies  

Preening – Budgies who are friendly will use their beaks to clean one other’s faces and beaks. A budgie is grooming himself if its feathers are fluffed up and eyes are closed.  

Beak Touching – This is a loving indication between good budgie mates, and it looks like a bird kiss.  

Sitting Together – Budgie pals adore sitting near to each other and touching.  

Regurgitating – Close friends may regurgitate food into each other’s mouths.  

Singing or Bobbing – A singing bird is a delighted bird, bobbing and singing. When you add in head shaking and dancing, it’s clear that your bird is overjoyed to have a feathery companion.

Bumping or Light Pecking – Bumping or light pecking is a common budgie habit. It is harmless, even if it does not appear to be loving.  

If you discover that your budgies are fighting rather than playing after thorough observation, you must take action right away. 

Why my parakeets are fighting over food?

Fighting over food is completely and healthy for parakeets. Although by nature they are so friendly on the matter of food they show anger readily. If you parakeets are fighting over food then it may be due to a shortage of food. Obviously, they are already sharing the same place, and now fighting over food is mandatory. And if their favorite food is in the cage, then they will do anything to catch the food Why my male parakeets are fighting? Male parakeets are mostly aggressive in nature. Their anger comes and burst in a second. After living in the same cage and sharing a place and food with their mates, male parakeets sometimes become vulnerable to each other and start fighting over silly things. If male parakeets are fighting it may be because of jealousy, food, toys, personal space, owner’s affection, or maybe sometimes because of female parakeets.

Why do female parakeets start fighting?

A woman by nature is a homemaker and serves her responsibility efficiently. This psychology applies in the case of female parakeets too. They are over possessive about their home. They look after their cage and keep eyes on every person either is their owner or someone else. Female parakeets are more aggressive them male parakeets and sometimes don’t allow anyone to enter their cage. If someone dares to do this then female parakeets start fighting and make sure the security of their cage. female parakeets fight a lot because they are sensitive about their personal belonging How to stop parakeets from fighting As humans, parakeets also have feelings. Although fighting is natural among parakeets it should be stopped earlier before turning into serious fights.

Following are some basic rules of How to stop parakeets from fighting

– Try to spend more time with your parakeet. They need your attention. Try to tell them that you love them and hold them in your hand gently while tapping their body lightly.

– Share love equally with each parakeet.

– Food is the main source of entertainment for them. Always keep the bowl full of food because the Shortage of food makes them harsh.

– Water is the most important thing to put first in their cage. either it is summer or winter, Thirst may cause dehydration. If you have multiple parakeets in a single cage then put different bowls for them.

– Renovate their cage with beautiful colors and fill them with toys it will change their mood instantly.

– Remove all obstacles which are causing disturbance for parakeets

– Sometimes, like humans. parakeets also desire some personal space. Give them their space and allow them to come out from the cage for a while.

– Try to keep the opposite gender in a cage it will develop affection among them for each other.

– If two parakeets continue to fight, separate them in two different cages before any serious action.

Parakeets are sensitive in nature. They are easy-going creatures but if they are deviating from their normal behavior, figure out it and solve it. Fighting among parakeets is 90% normal. Although there should be healthy competition between parakeets if they are acceding to their limits then-owner should take serious and immediate action to stop further fights.