Why Does My Turtle Try To Climb The Wall

If you just got a new turtle, you might be learning about its cool habits. Sometimes, turtles like to climb the walls of their tank. But why do they do that? and Why Does My Turtle Try To Climb The Wall?

Why does Your turtle try to climb the wall?

Why Does My Turtle Try To Climb The Wall

Turtles have this interesting thing where they want to go up the walls. It might seem strange, right? Well, there are a few reasons why turtles do this.

Firstly, turtles might be trying to explore. They are curious little creatures, and climbing lets them see what’s around them. Imagine if you were in a new place – you’d want to look around too!

Secondly, climbing could be a way for turtles to exercise. They use their muscles and move around, which is good for their health. It’s like a turtle workout!

Lastly, turtles might just be trying to tell you something. Maybe they want more space or different things in their tank. Climbing is their way of saying, “Hey, I want something different!”

So, if your turtle is a little climber, don’t worry too much. It’s just their way of being curious and active. Keep an eye on them, make sure their tank is interesting, and you’ll have a happy, climbing turtle!

Turtles climb their tank walls for many reasons, and one big reason is they might want something outside. So sometimes it’s important to learn their behavior why does your turtle do this? Keep reading to find out nine possible reasons.

Imagine your turtle as a little explorer. Climbing helps them find what’s interesting outside the tank. They might be saying, “I want something out there.” Wondering what those nine reasons are? Let’s dive in and discover.

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Most Reasons Why Does Your Turtle Try To Climb The Wall?

1. Probably your turtle tank is small

Your turtle might want more room to move because they grow fast. If the tank is too small, climbing the walls is their way of saying, “I need more space” So, make sure your turtle’s home is big enough for them to be happy and comfy as they get bigger.

2. Probably your turtle looking for Warmth

Alright, Turtles like warmth because they’re cold-blooded. In the wild, they sun themselves to get cozy. If your turtle’s home is too chilly, they might climb the walls, hoping to find warmth. It doesn’t really work, but they’re just trying. You can help by giving them a special light that warms them up and gives them important Vitamin D. So, keep your turtle warm and happy.

3. Make sure the tank water is not Filthy

Pet turtles usually live in water, and that’s where they eat, poop, and pee. If the water gets dirty, your turtle might want to find cleaner water by climbing the tank walls. It’s super important to know that if the water is not clean, your turtle could get sick. Veterinarians say that almost all turtle illnesses come from the water they live in. To keep your turtle healthy, make sure to change, air, and clean their water using a good filter. That way, your turtle can swim happily in a clean home.

4. Turtle Wants to Return to Its Natural Home

Turtles are not like pet dogs or cats. Even if they’re born in captivity, they’re kind of like wild turtles. They naturally want to be in the right place. So, if your turtle is climbing the walls, they might be trying to go back to where they feel at home. That’s why having a big tank with plants, water, and the right ground stuff is super important. The more it’s like their real home, the happier your turtle will be.

5. Turtle Wants Sunshine for Vitamin D

Turtles need sunlight to make Vitamin D, and they know it! If they can’t get enough sun, they might climb their tank walls. To help them out, put a UV light inside the tank, not behind glass. Glass stops UV rays, just like how you can’t get a sunburn sitting behind a window at home. Keep your turtle happy with the right light.

6. Turtle Might Be Scared and Trying to Get Away

Turtles get scared easily, especially when they’re new to your home. Things like you, other pets, or noisy kids can make them feel stressed. When turtles get scared, they might try to climb the tank walls to escape. To keep your turtle calm, put their tank in a quiet spot where they won’t be surprised and can enjoy a peaceful day.

7. Turtle can be Curious About Outside 

Turtles are curious, just like cats, but in their own way. Sometimes, this curiosity makes them want to see what’s beyond their tank. Climbing the walls is their way of trying to get a peek at what’s on the other side of the glass. It’s like they’re saying, “What’s out there?” So, if your turtle is climbing, they’re just being a curious explorer.

8. Make sure yout turtles are not sick

If your turtle is not feeling well, it might climb the tank walls to find relief places. Turtles can get sick like breathing issues, skin troubles, hearing difficulties, or not eating right. These things might make your turtle want to climb. So if you notice this, make sure to check if your turtle is okay and maybe need some help to feel better.

9. Sometimes Turltes cam feel bored

Just like other pets, if your turtle is bored, it might start climbing the walls of its home. So to make enjoyable moment, you can give some toys to them. Shells, floaty things, plants, sticks, and even a strong kid’s toy can be fun for them. These toys will keep your turtle entertained and stop it from getting bored and climbing the walls.

10. Make sure good temperature on tank

Sometimes, turtles climb because their home isn’t the right temperature. Most water turtles like it between 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Check online for your turtle type to know their special temperature needs.

For tortoises, they might climb if it’s too hot or cold. The right temperature depends on the kind of tortoise, so find out your turtle’s breed and research the best temperature for them. Keeping your turtle’s home cozy will make them happy!

So Does it Good or normal Turtles to Climb Walls?

Turtles usually don’t climb walls, but sometimes they might. Remember, every turtle is different. Some turtles might climb more often than others. It’s just part of what makes them unique.

How risk climb wall for a turtles?

It’s important to understand the potential risks and dangers of turtle wall climbing to ensure the well-being of your pet. Let’s dive a bit deeper into these concerns:

Injury:When turtles climb and then fall or get stuck, they could end up hurting themselves. Turtles might not land safely, leading to injuries that can be painful or harmful to their health.

Shell Damage:The walls of their enclosure may have rough or sharp edges that can scratch a turtle’s shell. These scratches might seem small, but they can lead to more significant issues like infections or long-term damage to their protective shell.

Stress and Anxiety:Imagine trying to do something over and over without success – it can be frustrating! Turtles may experience stress and anxiety if they keep attempting to climb but don’t find a good place or a way out. This emotional strain is not good for their overall well-being.

Escape Attempts:If turtles find success in climbing, they might think about leaving their homes. Outside their enclosure, they could face dangers they’re not prepared for, like predators or unsafe environments. Keeping them inside their controlled space is crucial for their safety.

Understanding these risks can help you take steps to make your turtle’s environment safer and more enjoyable. Providing appropriate climbing structures, checking for sharp edges, and ensuring the right temperature and space can contribute to a happy and healthy turtle

So How you can stop turltes to climbling wall?

If your turtle is climbing the walls, you can do a few things to help:

Give them a big and comfy home:Make sure your turtle’s house is big enough for swimming, crawling, and relaxing. It should have hiding spots and things that make it interesting.

Make a warm and sunny spot:Turtles love to bask in the sun. Create a warm area with the right temperature and light. This helps them stay dry and comfy. Use the right heat and light sources.

Hidey-holes are important:Turtles need spots where they can hide and feel safe. If they have hiding places, they’ll feel more relaxed and might not climb the walls.

Keep an eye on your turtle:Watch your turtle closely. If you see any big changes in how they act or if they seem sick, get help fast. A vet who knows about turtles can help.

Doing these things can make your turtle happy and less likely to climb the walls.


So, to sum it up, when your turtle tries to climb the walls, it could be because of a few things. One reason might be that the tank is too small, and your turtle is looking for more space or better conditions. Turtles need enough room to move around, find cozy spots, and explore.

Another reason they climb is to get more warmth and better lighting. Turtles need heat from their surroundings to stay comfy because they’re ectothermic. Climbing can be their way of reaching a warmer spot.

Sometimes, turtles climb when they feel stressed or uncomfortable. They might want to escape to find a better place. As good turtle owners, we need to make sure their homes are just right and meet their needs, so they don’t feel the urge to escape. Let’s keep our turtle buddies happy and cozy.