Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bananas?

Banana being an honest source of nutrients is an all-time favorite snack of all groups of people.

Although people like this fruit But the question is that can your bearded Dragon eat Banana? Is there any concern about feeding bananas to your bearded dragons?

Yes! A bearded dragon can eat bananas but as a treat.

Well, the question of feeding bananas to your Bearded Dragons needs a well-explanatory answer because being an owner it is your responsibility to look upon your pet

This article will cover the important information on the topic can bearded dragon eat a banana?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bananas?

If you’re wondering can your Bearded Dragon eat a banana? The answer is clearly Yes. Your bearded dragon can eat bananas but sparingly. You can feed bananas to your dragon once or twice in an exceedingly month.

As we all know, an adult Bearded Dragon’s diet constitutes 75% veggies, 20% meat/protein, and only 5-10 you look after fruit. Fruits can suppress craving. They’re not as essential as vegetables and meat for Bearded Dragons.

Therefore feeding more fruit isn’t good for them because it may cause harm.

Banana is good for health but due to its high sugar content and more phosphorous to calcium ratio it should be avoided to serve in daily meals.

Therefore, your Bearded Dragons can eat bananas but carefully, this may satisfy their yearning for sugar.

Can Baby Bearded Dragons eat Bananas?

 Like Adult Beardies, Yes Baby Bearded Dragons can eat bananas too but as an occasional treat.

Baby bearded Dragon’ diet is completely different from adult dragons’ diet and depends 75% on meat, 20% on veggies, and 5-10% on fruit. So be extremely conscious while feeding fruit to them.

Baby beardies need extra care and will adopt things faster than adult Bearded dragons. If you train them the way to eat and what to eat, they’ll learn those things easily. Feeding them fruit from the very start is often an honest option but if you’re feeding them moderately.

Therefore these Baby bearded dragons can eat bananas and also may have strawberries, grapes, mango, and other fruits in their diet.

Can Red Bearded Dragons eat Bananas?

As we’ve mentioned above Bearded Dragons can eat banana moderately, doesn’t matter, what variety of bearded dragons is eating a banana. So if you’re wondering that can Red bearded Dragon eat bananas, then Yes! they can eat banana-like other bearded dragons.

Bearded Dragons types

There are different sorts of Bearded Dragons i.e Red Bearded Dragons morphs, Pogona vitticeps, Central Bearded Dragon, Common leopard Gecko, Renin’s dragonet . In which Pogonna vitticeps is that the common species to own as pets.

You can keep Red Bearded dragons as pets they can eat bananas too oftenly

Therefore, Red Bearded Dragons can eat bananas once or twice in a month.

Nutritional Values of Banana

Through nutritional values, you’ll be able to assume why you ought to not feed bananas to your Bearded Dragon every day.

Nutritional Values of Banana per 100g

Sugar                      12.23g

Energy                    89Kcal

Fiber                       2.6gm

Carbohydrates      21.82gm  

Phosphorous         20gm

Sodium                   1gm

Calcium                   8.7gm

 Magnesium           29mg 

Potassium              350gm

Iron                          0.26gm

Protein                    1.07gm

Lipid                        0.33gm

Benefits of feeding Banana to Bearded Dragons

Banana is a source of nutrients and energy. They even have some benefits for Bearded Dragons. Here we will explain the benefits of feeding bananas to Bearded Dragons

Vitamin A

these vitamins improve the reproductive system and strengthen vision. and vitamin A prevents visual defects like night blindness among Bearded Dragons


It Strengthens The Immunity of Bearded Dragons 

Vitamin K

This prevents Kidney problems, regulates Renal Function, and help in Water Retention

Constipation Reliever

Banana plays a very important role in Relief of Constipation 


Antioxidants Lower the danger of Cardiac Disease and reduce chances of myocardial disease 


Magnesium helps in tissue strengthening

Concerns of feeding Banana to Bearded Dragons

1-Metabolic Bone Disease

 Banana has a higher phosphorous to calcium ratio. Higher phosphorous binds calcium and slower down calcium absorption, resulting in Calcium Depletion. This is the main reason behind Metabolic Bone Disease ( MBD) among Bearded Dragons. 

MBD  may have symptoms like trimmers, Fewer limbs power, weakness, Soft jaws, and immobility. If you find any symptoms, consult your Vet.

2-Tooth Decay

High sugar content in Bananas may develop cavities and tooth decay in Bearded Dragons

3-Digestion problem

Overeating bananas will cause poor digestion.


Large pieces of Banana can cause chocking in the Bearded Dragons


Extra sugar makes a bearded dragon obese and diabetic

Can a banana be a killer for Bearded Dragons?

Anything in extremism has the worst effect. Feeding bananas to your bearded dragons occasionally may sounds good. But if you’re serving bananas daily to beardies, then it will develop higher chances that bananas will paralyze your Bearded dragons due to the high phosphorous to calcium ratio or perhaps are often a killer of them.

Can Bearded dragon eat Banana peel?

Yes! They can eat peel because they need extra nutrition aside from Banana. Always wash the peel to get rid of pesticides from its surface

Can the Bearded dragon eat Banana Leaves?

As a green, banana leaves may be fed to Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragon eat dried Banana?

 No! Don’t serve dried bananas to your pet because it can cause obesity because of the high level of sugar among dry fruits and always use fresh fruit for feeding

Can the Bearded dragon eat Frozen Banana?

 It is better not to feed frozen bananas to your beardies because it may cause choking thanks to its hardness.

Can Beard dragon eat Banana seed?

Seeds may stick in their throat causing suffocation and choking, therefore avoid the banana seeds

How often Can you feed bananas to your Bearded Dragon?

Bearded Dragons have already a limited portion of fruit in their diet, So adding small piece of Banana once or twice a month to Your Bearded Dragon will satisfy their fruit carving

Way of feeding Bananas to Bearded Dragons?

  • Wash well
  • Slice into small piece and chop it
  • Slice with or without peel
  • Serve alone or mix it with veggies in chunks


Fruits have their importance in beardies life and feeding in a proper way will boost up them. Add bananas and other fruits to your Bearded Dragon’s meal pla once or twice a week and watch them to grow healthy

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