Can Bearded Dragon Eat Cantaloupe?

Cantaloupe is one of the best summer fruits, which refreshes the soul in the quenching heat of summer. Probably, cantaloupe is loved by all human beings. But the point is that Can bearded dragons eat cantaloupe?

Yes! Cantaloupe is good for the bearded dragon but as a treat only. Although cantaloupe is rich in Vitamin A, C magnesium, and potassium, also they have high sugar and water content. Sugar and water in high amounts are not suitable for bearded dragons as they can cause diarrhea, Diabetes, tooth decay, etc.

We will explore other life secrets of bearded dragons by continuing the series.

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Cantaloupe?

Well, If you are wondering if a cantaloupe is suitable for your bearded dragon or not, then don’t worry; bearded dragons can eat cantaloupe occasionally.

You can give a tiny amount of cantaloupe to bearded dragons as a treat.

It does not mean that cantaloupe is not suitable for them. It is full of vitamin A, C, magnesium, and potassium, but high sugar content and 90% water can make it vulnerable to poor bearded dragons. Sugar can cause tooth decay and Diabetes, and water will lead to diarrhea. So for their health, cantaloupe can be avoided.

Nutritional Facts of Cantaloupe

Here is a glimpse of the nutritional value of cantaloupe in 100g

Calories 34cal

Vitamin C 61%

Vitamin D 0%

Magnesium 3%

Carbohydrate 8g

Sodium 16mg

Fat .3 g

Sugar 8g

Now, you can see from the above charts that cantaloupe can be fed to bearded dragons early.

Health Benefits of Cantaloupe for Bearded dragons

cantaloupe is one of the best fruits in summer for human beings, but it can also be suitable for bearded dragons if you give its minimal amount in a prescribed way to your bearded dragons

Here we will have a look at the health benefits of cantaloupe for Bearded Dragons

Prevention from dehydration

Dehydration is a severe disease and can be fatal for bearded dragons if not treated on time. Symptoms of dehydration are pale yellow urine and hard stool. Feed him with a small cantaloupe if you think your bearded dragon is suffering from dehydration. 90% of water in cantaloupe will remove dehydration from the bearded dragons and help pass the tool smoothly.

Good bowel movement is a sign of a healthy gut, and a healthy gut will lead to excellent health for bearded dragons.

Stabilization of blood pressure

As cantaloupe is high in potassium levels and less sodium, it can be the best remedy for bearded dragons if they suffer from high blood pressure.

Healthy eyesight

Carotenoids are best for sight, and cantaloupe is full of carotenoids. So if you are consuming cantaloupe to your bearded dragons, it is most probable that bearded dragons will not suffer any disease of the eyes.

You can say it is a rare health benefit of cantaloupe because not all fruits are good in carotenoids.

If we look at other fruits like oranges, mangoes, bananas, and peaches, we can say cantaloupe has a higher amount of carotenoids than them. Also, cantaloupe has vitamin A, which is the most critical factor in maintaining eyesight, and lack of vitamin A can cause night blindness among bearded dragons. So treat your bearded dragons with cantaloupe so far their best vision.

Say no to Diabetes

Although cantaloupe has high sugar content, if you give it to bearded dragons in less amount, it can be a good source of insulin because cantaloupe helps boost insulin resistance and lowers the oxidative from the kidney in the animals that have Diabetes.

 Improved digestion

As we all know, cantaloupe has 90% of water. If you are giving cantaloupe to your bearded dragons on the occasional amount, it is most probably that cantaloupe will maintain water amount among veggie cones and will improve digestion.

Health concerns of cantaloupe for Bearded Dragons

Although cantaloupe has a higher amount of benefits for vegetable dragons, also it has some health concerns


 if you are feeding too much cantaloupe to your, there are bearded dragons higher chance that bearded dragons will develop obesity soon. Because higher sugar content among cantaloupe will produce obesity among Bearded Dragons

Tooth Decay

 Cantaloupe will also cause tooth decay because of the higher sugar content among them so, it is advised to feed on occasionally bearded dragons.


As we all know, cantaloupe is full of 90% water so, if you are feeding too much cantaloupe to your bearded dragons, it will disturb their stomach and lead to diarrhea. Diarrhea is a disease in which the body removes most of the water, causing dehydration, and dehydration will lead to death. So, therefore, to prevent diarrhea, always give a minimal amount of cantaloupe to your bed dragons.

Can I feed cantaloupe seeds to Bearded Dragons

suppose you’re searching whether cantaloupe seeds are suitable for Bearded Dragons or not. In that case, you must stop here because seeds of any fruit are always prohibited to bearded dragons as they are complicated and can’t be swallowed easily. So that they remain undigested, causing health issues among them.

How to serve cantaloupe to Bearded Dragons

Serving is also an art; keep following rules in mind while serving cantaloupe to beardies

  1. first of all, always buy fresh cantaloupe from the vendors.

2. Remove all the wines and stickers above them.

3. Wash it with clear water remove the seeds of cantaloupe from it.

4. Slice down the cantaloupe amongst small pieces, or you can chop it for a better result.

5. Now, put all the cantaloupe in a small bowl and serve to your bread dragons

6. let them enjoy their treat.


Nothing is bad for bearded dragons. Suppose are given in the desired amount in a good way. Not all fruits and vegetables are good for Bearded Dragons as they are suitable for humans. So a little guidance can make you better. In carrying your bearded dragon’s cantaloupe are good all sorts of vitamins and minerals. . But unfortunately, their high sugar and mostly water content are not suitable for bearded dragons health. So being an owner, if you want to feed it to your bearded dragons, always provide cantaloupe occasionally to your pets.