Can Bearded Dragon Eat Oranges?

Being a cute creator globally, bearded dragons require a lot of care while handling them. If you are an owner of Bearded Dragons, you should know every detail about their life. What is good for them? What should not be fed to them? There are a lot of questions that pet owners ask regarding their pet’s life. Today, we will highlight that can be bearded dragon eat oranges? Are oranges good for them?

No, oranges should be restricted to bearded dragons, as they are from citrus fruit families and can cause different diseases on consumption.

As we are on a mission to explore the lifestyle of bearded dragons, we will highlight whether oranges are good or bad for beardies.

Can bearded dragons eat oranges?

Bearded dragon’s diet depends 75% on meat and vegetables according to their age and 10% on the fruit. And in these portions of food, Some selected foods are allowed for feeding. Orange comes from a citrus family, and due to the presence of high sugar and citric acid, it is prohibited for bearded dragons. Because Orange can cause stomach upset, arthritis, diabetes, and other diseases among bearded dragons

What happens if you feed a bearded dragon’s Orange?

Being an owner, still, if you want to give oranges to your bearded dragons, then it may cause the following diseases among them

•            Arthritis

•            Diabetes

•            Metabolic bone disease

•            Tooth decay

•            Stomach upset

•            diarrhea

•            Improper digestion

•            Heartburn

Nutritional factors of Orange in 100g

Orange has the following nutritional value in 100 g

•            Calories 49cal

•            Sugar.      8.5g

•            Protein. 0.9g.

•            Cholesterol. 0gm

•            Vit A.   4.9%

•            Vit C.   98%

•            Sodium.   1mg

•            Citric acid 1%

•            Oxalic acid.  48mg

Why are oranges not good for bearded dragons?

Oranges have the following nutrients among them, which are suitable for humans but not for beardies.

Citric acid

Citric acid is not suitable for both humans and bearded dragons. It can cause heartburn and stomach upset among them. If you consume oranges more than the limit, it will disturb your digestive tract, which will lead to diarrhea, and in severe conditions, it can turn to death.

As diarrhea slows down to the process of nutrient absorption, it will slow down metabolism to bearded dragons too.

High Sugar Content

We all know that bearded dragons are more prone to diabetes if they have high sugar in their diet, which is not quite good. And oranges have 9g sugar per 100g. Also, high sugar can lead to diarrhea due to stomach upset. Therefore, it is better not to feed oranges to lovely bearded dragons.

Otherwise, they will develop high chances of diabetes, Arthritis, fatty liver, and bone infection issues.

Oxalic Acid

Oxalic acids are good for health, but their high consumption can lead to serious health issues. Oranges have a higher ratio of oxalic acids than other fruits, So if we feed oranges to bearded dragons, oxalic acid will bind calcium, limiting its absorption. Due to this, High chances of Metabolic bone disease can occur among bearded dragons.

Therefore, we prefer you to keep oranges away from bearded dragon

Can Bearded Dragons eat Mandarin Oranges?

Mandarin oranges are different than regular oranges because they have a high level of vitamin C than other citrus fruits. Also, Mandarin oranges have significant phosphate to calcium ratio. But still being a part of the orange family, mandarin can’t feed to your bearded dragons. Although they have less citric acid than oranges still, they are not suitable for your pets. Also, mandarin has high sugar content, making them vulnerable to dragons.

Therefore, it is better not to feed mandarin to your bearded dragons

Can Bearded Dragon eat Orange’s peel?

It sometimes happens that peels of fruit are more beneficial than fruits. People want to know whether they can serve orange peel to their bearded dragons.

So, there is clearly No for orange peels because these are full of citric acid and may cause damage to bearded dragons’ health.

Can Bearded Dragon eat orange seeds?

Seeds of any fruit are prohibited for consumption by bearded dragons. They are complex and can’t be digested easily. When seeds are consumed, they affect the digestive tract and don’t get digested by the stomach, causing stomachache and other health issues.

so, it is better to keep the seeds away from bearded dragons’ diet


Although oranges are highly beneficial for us, unfortunately, they don’t go well for bearded dragons.

The presence of Acidic acid, oxalic acid, and sugar content makes the oranges vulnerable for bearded dragons

. If still, you insist your bearded dragons on orange consumption, then it may cause digestive tract disturbance, Bone disease, tooth decay, obesity, and fatty liver

Therefore, you want to see your dragon healthy, keep oranges out of their baskets and make their life healthy and wise

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